Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is a multi-player co-operative PC game where players take on the rôles of bridge officers to command a spaceship.

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is mainly intended for use in situations like LAN parties, where each player has a computer and all the players are at the same place. One player captains the ship, but he has no computer, only a non-interactive main screen. He plays by giving orders to the other players. Each other player uses his computer as a bridge console: helm, weapons, science, engineering, or communications.

As a crew, the players fly their ship through 2D space populated by friendly, neutral, and hostile spaceships and space stations. They must defend friendlies and their own ship while also managing their resources (such as fuel and ammunition). Although the game is very reminiscent of the Star Trek television series, it is not an officially licensed game, so does not feature the names or likenesses of Star Trek races, ships, technologies, &c.

Artemis is developed by Thom Robertson and sold by him directly. Third-party mods are available, allowing you to replace the ships, races, graphics, and sound, or even to control programmable lighting rigs to create a more immersive bridge.

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