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Most certainly. Prepaid cards for microsoft funds transfer into your accounts funds, whuch is usable across all store platforms. You should be able to use the funds from your Xbox 360, Xbox One, or any platform (computer, tablet or phone) running Windows 8 or 10, provided you are accessing the store from the same Microsoft account.


They can, though they play a more minimal role in Swap Force unlike Giants. Unlike regular Swap Force figures, Giants can also be used to open Giant Chests. Source: IGN Wiki


Although the Xbox One can now play a small amount of 360 games (with more being added to support over time), the 360 cannot play Xbox One games. There wouldn't be much point to upgrading consoles if the old out of date hardware can play the new games now would there?


Unfortunately, no. Microsoft have denied the fact that games will be made cross platform. However, the head, Phil Spencer, is now open to the idea of cross platform party chat. Here is what Xbox Marketing Manager Harvey Eagle had to say: "Because of the different architecture of the systems it's not possible. Your Xbox Live account on 360 will carry over ...


I have Windows 7 64-bit as well. Generals did work on my computer at some point but no longer worked for a while. I did try all the fixes you mentioned, and I eventually found out that my problem was caused by a Windows update, specifically, Update KB3086255. Here's a link to show you how to uninstall the aforementioned update: ...

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