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nuBolo can be used natively on modern Mac machines. It actually contains code from the original Bolo so it's a perfect clone, unlike the win or linux variants. If you're still aiming to run it under another system with networking, I would bet on running Bolo in an emulated System 7 image. You can do this pretty easily with Basilisk II (great for running all ...


According to the Wikipedia page you linked, "Mac OS X" is one of the platforms it can be played on. Multiplayer requires AppleTalk, which means OSX 10.6 and above can't be used. There are also Windows and Linux clones.


It looks like there are a couple original ones downloadable from this site. For winbolo, I found this site which lists five, the middle three are still downloadable. Ryan2 seems to be a popular one that is hard to find, due to the home site being down. However, two versions of the Ryan2 brain can be found here (angelfire site FTW). Let us know which ones ...

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