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No, you will not restart any missions; you just won't get any additional credit for re-completing them. Once he gets to a mission you haven't completed, you'll each get credit for it.


When you get low on a certain ammo type, the game does notice that and acts accordingly. From an Inside the Box blog post: These are the “need” and “emergency” item pools for ammo. These pools, if they are chosen, have a bit more logic that occurs before the items are dropped. Specifically, the game checks to see if you need the item chosen before ...


Death typically begins with a top-down, third-person perspective centered on your ragdoll corpse. Once your corpse has phased out, you enter the respawn vortex: a visual intermission until you are recon(digi)structed at a New-U Station. Visually, a signal travels down the New-U Station antenna and your body is reconstructed. Do you go to the ...


The Hive has the slowest reload speed of all weapons in Borderlands 2. http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Hive That is, one with either Bandit or Torgue grip and non-Tediore sight. Torgue grip is better (per saving ammo (shooting twice per magazine either way), more damage, and more accuracy).


In my experience, ammunition dropped is random. I use a sniper rife for my main weapon, but I usually found ammunition for weapons I do not need. That said, my sniper rifle never runs out of ammunition. I find ammunition for it when I have about half my capacity left.


As long as you are running both games on the same account and using the same save file, you'll be able to access the skins again by going into the Bounties menu.

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