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You need to make it to a fast travel station, as you are doing. There's one near the end of the area where you rescued Roland, which sounds like the one you went to. There's also one near the entrance to the facility. You could have gone back to that one instead. I think it was probably closer. Other than that, yeah, you're out of luck.


No, there are no direct story missions that take you to Lynchwood. Lynchwood actually differs to most other locations in that the enemies there scale to your level (most other locations have a fixed level). In normal mode, this is capped at level 30 (enemies spawn at level 32). This means it won't get any easier if your delay. However, there is a wealth of ...


I know this post is old, but for any newcomers, if you are playing as Gaige most times you can use Deathtrap to target and destroy stuck enemies. The chance of this working usually is better if you have the "The Stare" perk enebled. I had a problem in the Hyperion Circle of Slaughter with a stuck Serveyor and this took care of the it for me.

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