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Leaving into a different map then quitting & restarting the game will respawn the enemies so you can come back and do it again.


There is no "official" standard. But if you ask speedrunners on which version they run, they say versions like 1.3 or 1.8.1, which are the ones in your matchmaking browser. Additionally if you patch the version of your game up or down with any patcher available, you will be able to choose between the versionnumbers, that you find in your matchmaking ...


I'm a level 41 Siren and it wasn't that hard to defeat the Handsome Dragon. Rolans does most of the work with the dragon, just shoot at it when you have the chance. Focus mainly on the baby dragons and if your shield or health is low, crouch and walk under the 3/4 lowered gate and let yourself heal before you go back out to fight.

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