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Exit-only fast travel stations will look like this (has yellowish text and a sign similar to a 'No U-turn' sign): Image source: Borderlands Wiki, "Fast Travel" article


You must complete the game on TVHM, and after that enemies (and the loot they drop) will be scaled to your level.


As you said in the last line, "but they often carry ridiculous legendaries or fight in a group" That is what you need. First, fighting with a team is very important (if you do not have the Legendaries, and even with them). More people means more bullet sponges. And, with multiple characters, you can fill some roles left open by just one person. The ...


As in Borderlands 1, there are a few random pathing and clipping glitches that can prevent you from finding an item, completing a mission, or even moving. Most can be corrected by simply restarting the game. Usually choosing exit from the pause menu and then continuing will reset your location to the nearest quick transit terminal, reset the zone or area ...


Alright so I'm a moron. In the bottom right by default it has Lock All Customizations enabled. Selecting unlock fixes this and lets you reduce the values. Sorry for wasting everyones time.

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