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There is none who is "made" for playing solo. Every character in Borderlands 2 can be played solo. They just have different fighting styles and therefore, some are better for soloing the game. Note that this only applies to the first 2 difficulties. Once you hit UHVM. The game will become harder. MUCH harder. Axton: Tactical fighter, uses mainly mid- or ...


Steam actually has a built in setting for you to check the FPS of any game. Go into setting and select the In-Game options and change the In-Game FPS counter to whatever position you want. This will then show some small text in one of the corners with the current FPS of the game.


Playing co-op I make sure to pick up the skills res, scorn and fleet. Combined with the rough rider and a good cool down relic I zip around the battlefield, regiving teammates, slagging and phaselocking enemies like nothing. My preferred weapon of choice is a torgue ravager shotgun for this. Good for second winds and hit and run attacks.

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