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It makes a difference with the relic. When I didn't have it I rarely saw orange items; but now I have it I have more purple and orange gear than I know what to do with! It's a lot better if you have more players with the relic; so instead of 5% it's more like 10 or 20%. In any case an increase is an increase. I just think people are over thinking it.


not sure about a quick way, but a good Neogenator Shield that spawns with an 84% elemental resistance is probably the best shield to use during the fight with Master Gee, along with a Vitality Relic for max-health increase, or a modified Tenacity Relic for increased FFYL time and an increase in Second Wind Health


You probably teleported into the area added by a DLC. The game will automatically provide you with a "story" quest which will tell you the story of the DLC area. This is not a glitch, this is usual behavior. Just as regular areas, DLCs have a minimum level requirement and you should not think about starting them until you hit it. Since this is a level 50 ...

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