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Use the minimap, check your corners, don't rush into open spaces, stay close to cover and know you're surroundings, in games like COD experience is key, which means that the longer you'll play, the better you'll become, eventually you're reflexes should also adjust to your sensetivity and your response time will get better. Keep playing and find the ...


Try keeping up to speed on what’s going on around your character. And I’m not just talking about what’s happening in his or her direct line of sight. I’m talking sides and backs, too. So, you know, use your eyes for what they’re supposed to be used for. Don’t lock your gaze into a forward position. Make a habit out of throwing quick looks to the sides while ...


Well, the best tip i could give you is check your minimap often. Its in the top right cornor and will show you enemys nearby based on where they have fired recently (unless they have a scilencer) Also if its advanced warfare you can see exo movement.


The player and other players deliberately shout these comments as if they were talking through a Communication device to their teammates for added realism. Here are the reasons for all your "shouts": Support! (Subboy) is said when throwing down Tactical Equipment (which is obviously to support your team) Going Explosive! is said again, obviously when ...


To me with my headphones on it sounds like he is saying "Support".

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