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If the online players are playing well, then yes, it is possible to know roughly what cards are coming near the end of the game. There are a fixed number of cards of each different type in the game: Near the end of the game, as long as you've been keeping track of what's come up already, you will know exactly what cards remain and can plan accordingly. ...


Wikipedia has an extensive article on the Elo rating system. Also it should be Elo not ELO because it's named after Arpad Elo.


Elo is used in chess rankings mostly, but can be used in lots of one-on-one or team-on-team ratings. It can also be used for other things, for instance ranking girls, as seen in the movie The Social Network, :) Your ranking at the start of the match forms the basis of the expected outcome of the match. A win could be 1 point,...

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