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There is a mod called Cool Enchanted Ambience which allows you to wear enchanted gear without reconizing it as enchanted. Cool Enchanted Gear Ambience Mod You see, I very much dislike the bright, glowy enchanted items' effect because (A) It immediately tells you that it's an enchanted item, and I think it'd be cool if it was harder to tell, and (B) it ...


Cheaters, modders and hackers are all likely the same people. The people you see cheating using mods are often not likely the ones making the mods, so to answer your question: modders (as in those who cheat by using mods) are likely not developers. Not developers for Rockstar Games, and not developers in general. Typically, the term modders refers to a ...


They are given the term modders because they are modifying the game. Technically anything rockstar develops or any other company in the software development industry infact, the developers themselves are modders because they are making a modification to the game. Modder just means modifier because they are doing something to modify something.


add more candies and/or lollipops to the mixture

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