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For2 players, and I could be wrong, which I usually am. I remember, up up, down down,left right, left right, b a b a, select, start. But its been a minute for me. :/


The Native Trainer included with Script Hook V allows you to be invincible, without any time limits. Once it is installed, press F4 in-game to show its menu. Then go to 'Player' » 'Invincibility' » and set it to 'On'. It is activated as long as you're playing, but won't be activated the next time you load a save game. According to its readme, it won't ...


No, there is no code for Hyper Sonic in Sonic 2. Hyper Sonic was an exclusive feature of Sonic 3 and Knuckles (requiring the locked-on combination of the two cartridges). The code given in Mana's answer gives the player a more powerful version of Super Sonic through a bug (which is probably what the asker was enquiring about), but this is not Hyper Sonic. ...


No, there is no such way to cheat in Batman : Arkham City. Sorry !

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