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\explode is part of the CommandBin Mod as well as SinglePlayerCommands (and potentially others). This command is not in vanilla Minecraft. Here is a video of the Single Player Commands version.


alexanderpas' suggestion of using autohotkey helped me. I just wanted to add the basic script for mapping 0123456789 to their numpad equivalents. 0::Send, {Numpad0} 1::Send, {Numpad1} 2::Send, {Numpad2} 3::Send, {Numpad3} 4::Send, {Numpad4} 5::Send, {Numpad5} 6::Send, {Numpad6} 7::Send, {Numpad7} 8::Send, {Numpad8} 9::Send, {Numpad9} When you first run ...


Players are not sanctioned for cheating in Dark Souls PC due to the lack of support for GFWL (it being shut-down) Players are however sanctioned on PSN and Xbox Live (not much use to you but it's relevant to the question) There is no known bug which would cause a player's health bar not to deplete in PvP.


No, it does not support Action Replay codes.


Up down up down left right left right B A select start

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