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According to NoDice, the level editor that comes with Southbird's SMB3 disassembly, no, these tiles don't have anything linked to them: Tiles highlighted in yellow have links to levels. As you can see, those spots don't. (The empty spaces have links to where Hammer Bro. battles on that spot go, even though World 8 doesn't have any Hammer Bros.)


Find the file "creature_standard.txt" in the DF directory, and then look inside it for the Creature:Dwarf section. Now edit all of the racial stats for dwarves to something like the following: [NATURAL_SKILL:AXE:16] [NATURAL_SKILL:SWORD:16] [NATURAL_SKILL:DAGGER:16] [NATURAL_SKILL:MACE:16] [NATURAL_SKILL:HAMMER:16] [NATURAL_SKILL:SPEAR:16] ...


You're better off just downloading one While it's theoretically possible to edit a save file (which is apparently actually split over 4 different files), it would require someone to do a lot of research on every possible variable inside the files, and might be further complicated by the presence of validation checks inside the save data. This may or may not ...


The Konami Code As stated on the Wikipedia page for the Konami Code the code is: ↑-↑-↓-↓-←-→-←-→-B-A. Start is appended to the end of the code in the game Contra. However, the "Konami Code" referenced in Unikong appends an enter to to the end. Source: Unikong Source Code (Inspect Element) Using the Konami Code in Unikong Upon pressing the keys ...

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