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Talking to the mod author and reading the mod code, I found that g_armorprotection cvar gets reset everytime so it is not readonly! There is "nothing" that can be done.


You can easily get as many candies as you want by editing your savegame. Just press the SAVE button (next to the CFG button), then click on Get the current game as text. You might want to copy the save text into a text editing software to more easily edit it. Next, search for number gameCandiesCurrent=x and replace x by whatever number you wish, for ...


From my own experience, when I played on PC, you could not skip missions unless you already played that mission and completed it beforehand. Even if that happened, you can't skip a mission ingame, you can just skip to that section, so you don't have to play what happened beforehand. I am not aware of any cheats that could help what you wish for.

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