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I'll give you a couple solutions that fulfill the spirit of what Steam allows for sharing a single copy of Civ V. Simple Hotseat mode: You play on a single computer playing a game of musical chair. Passwords for each player help minimize the chance of information bleed between turns. This technique is a bit faster and has the added bonus of built-in ...


Quote from the wiki : about warmonging points These points are only applied if you capture a city that was not founded by you So as you're not the original owner you will suffer multiple penalties. However the larger the map is, the less the penalty is (see the wiki for the math calculation).


Actually, yes. You will receive a penalty each time a city you did not found is captured by you. It doesn't matter if it was retaken in the last turn. You capture a city = You gain warmonging points. If you want to avoid being a warmonger, clear out the enemy units first and surround the city as fast as possible in order to protect it from melee units which ...


No, it's not impossible. Every world leader election, the highest-voted civs get additional delegates. Thus, if you can stay at the top, and nobody achieves a different victory condition, you will eventually have enough votes to win.


Another solution would be using the family mode steam provides. Civilisation V still provides a "LAN" multiplayer. All you would have to do after having setup the family mode on your brother's computer, would be to launch steam offline on one of your computers, launch Civ 5 and create a LAN game. I'm not certain this will work since Civilisation could ...


I don't use this Communitas mod (i don't use any) but i have the same message. So i don't think this answer is right. After my own search, i found that maintenance free units are: Cargo Ships, Caravans, and Guided Missiles.

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