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Investment quests grant additional influence from donations to the city state (IE, if a 1000 gold donation normally grants 50 influence, you will gain 75 influence if you donate 1000 gold during a public works project quest), there is no direct way to get money back from a city state.


In my experience, it counts so long as the city you connected it to has the city connection symbol. If that city is blockaded before the road is finished, you'll need to break the blockade before the quest is withdrawn!


From the wiki: Cities have to be at least 4 tiles apart of each other. That includes your cities, as well as other civilizations' cities, and it prevents littering the map with cities. Other than that, cities may be found on any tile where a Settler unit may move to (including a 1-tile island). Basically, using this rule manually gives you a general ...


Yes, you can raze a civlization's "second" capitol, i.e. the city that the capitol is moved to once you capture their original capitol. You can't raze a civilization's original capitol, because a domination victory means "owning all civlizations' original capitols." To find out whether a city is an original capitol, go to the Victory Progress screen. (It's ...


In addition to Rick_Roll's answer, You may accomplish this via Mods. For example, I currently use this mod that does the exact thing you want: Civ5 - City Limits It highlights tiles that are invalid for settlement when a city or settler is selected.


No. The "no razing the capital" rule exists for game balance. It makes it so that a nation can't be completely locked out of a domination victory because their original capital was razed. Their new capital has no meaning for domination victory conditions, so it can be raised as usual.

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