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You won't be able to change it now that the game is started. The option is set at the start of a game, in the advanced options, there's a Max turns settings. Setting it at 0 will remove the turns limit of a game. Source from Steam Linked page 3 as it is the page with the most important information on how to see that 0 is the proper value and this is from ...


Nope, once you win, you can elect to keep playing via "Just one more turn...", but you cannot Win a second time. In the future, you may consider disabling victory conditions during game setup if you are attempting to win in particular ways for achievements or the like.


Attack bonuses against units do not apply when attacking cities. The strength a unit adds varies mainly depending on it's own strength and current hp, and whether you have Oligarchy or not. As for the strength formula, I looked at the code and this seems relevant: http://pastebin.com/3nCiC3Qv Looks like city strength depends on the following: Number of ...


Some leader personalities will accept a lite warring without penalty while others will condemn you for wars they Declare. Thus, it depends. Start by trading a peace deal in their favor. Next, give them another favorable trade. Beyond that, your best bet is to follow the normal diplomatic path to friendship: declare friendship with their friends and them, ...

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