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Yes! There is a way to see this. Just open the victory progress screen and you'll see something like the picture below If you then click on details for the science victory you'll see this This will show you how far every nation has progressed towards completing the spaceship. On my screenshots all nations are still unknown because I made this ...


Puppet cities cause the same amount of unhappiness as a city you build yourself. Only annexed cities (or cities in the process of being razed) have a different formula for unhappiness. Sources: http://civilization.wikia.com/wiki/Happiness_%28Civ5%29#Unhappiness_Causes, http://www.carlsguides.com/strategy/civilization5/happiness.php, personal observations


CD keys are treated very carefully, to ensure that duplicates are not released, so that the system behind its use works and can be relied on. If you have received two separate copies of the same game, and both have contained already-used keys, it sounds like the source is simply unreliable. Depending on where you purchased the game from, it could simply be ...


You have to meet only states, either players or AI. City states don't have any political abilities, so you don't have to meet them.

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