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The placement is pseudo-random. It picks a random location and then determines if it's viable. Viability is determined by tile type. The game then, based on your civ, looks for a tile in that area. The tile is called your 'starting bias'. It attempts to put you close (or far from in certain cases) as many of those tiles as possible. For example, Greek has ...


You can convert a game into Pitboss format! When you go to set up a Pitboss game, look at the bottom of the screen for a Load Game button. You can then select a local or steam save, including games launched in another format. In order to launch the new pitboss game, you will need all players to connect to the Staging Room. They must all be connected before ...


No, Culture Bombs can only be used on tiles on or adjacent to your territory.


There are several good options for producing a strong economy. Civilizations Ahmad al-Mansur, Morocco Extra gold per trade route with other civilizations Unique tile improvement (Kabash) adds gold to desert tiles Darius I, Persia Golden ages last 50% longer (during golden ages, you generate more gold. Also, when playing tall, you are more likely to ...


If you really want to turtle, Korea is a great choice. Both of their unique units are mainly useful for defending (the Hwatch'a rips units apart but is weak against cities, turtle ships are stronger than other Renaissance ships but can't explore the ocean), and their unique ability works best if you focus on your capitol over your other cities. By ...


India is the main Tall empire. Their happiness modifier makes you want to avoid settling/conquering, but allows a lot of science to come out of the few cities you have. Persia is what I think of when I want gold. Golden ages lasting longer means more gold from them.

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