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No, it's not impossible. Every world leader election, the highest-voted civs get additional delegates. Thus, if you can stay at the top, and nobody achieves a different victory condition, you will eventually have enough votes to win.


If Austria gains a city state via diplomatic marriage, it's no longer considered a city state - it counts as one of their cities instead. Thus, it can be burned, and cannot be liberated. The same is true of city states bought by Venice.


Yes, jungle always blocks sight. It has the same behavior like forest in terms of vision.


I found a pretty straightforward solution. When you fire up the game menu there's a little, inconspicuous text in the bottom left saying "Mods". Like this: Clicking it gives you a list of active mods. Now the only thing you have to do is making a screenshot like I did above (or probably at least two).


This question dates a little but in my opinion is still very relevant being in the top 10 daily on Steam Stats. GunnarJ has the right idea but now you need to re-enable the debug log: Open the config.ini file (located in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5) and change LoggingEnabled = 0 to LoggingEnabled = 1. Re-start Civ-V and you should now ...


Note: I have only tried this with other major civilizations so far, but city states should work the same, I think. You can trade with Mongolia and tell them, at the bottom of their trade interface, to make peace with Belgrade. Once you brokered peace, it might be a good idea to place Belgrade under your protection through the city state screen. This ...


I'm not familiar with the Civ 5 SDK, I couldn't find an option that would help in your particular case. I did however find something that you might not know, you can highlight a large selection of options and tick a single box to tick all of the highlighted options. Simply select an item, hold shift and click further up or down the list, then tick one box to ...


Atomic bombs have a 50% chance of being intercepted by AA units and/or jet fighters, I believe, while NMs have 0% chance. Do they both have the same range? I think NM has larger range as well. And yes, I think nuke subs are easier to sneak close to a coastline than carriers are, but carriers can carry fighters/bombers as well


This question is a bit old, but yes, you can liberate it after conquering+gifting. You don't need to wait for it. It also works for non-capitals. You just have to deal with the war mongering malus and other political consequences when declaring war to the third party.


Here is the source code for keyboard shortcuts with DLC (which only adds shortcuts to Espionage Overview and Religion Overview (in G&K) as you've found). I've modified it for readability. Taken from \Sid Meier's Civilization V\assets\DLC\Expansion2\Gameplay\XML\Units\CIV5Controls.xml as onuryn mentioned. Several do nothing, such as SELECTYUNITTYPE, ...

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