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There's a similar question here about modifying victory conditions after a game has started: Is there any way to change victory conditions with the game already started? It has a couple answers that can both also be used to change the number of max turns, either using the Civ V SDK or by editing a save file.


Oak's answer is probably the easiest way to do this, but it has two problems: It disables Steam achievements for this game, if that's something you care about It won't work on Mac or Linux since the Civ V SDK is only available for Windows An alternative approach is to edit the save file: Open the save file in a hex editor of your choice Search for this ...


Lots of technical answers here, I found a simple option(Windows 10): Start Game In options, deselect Full Screen and press accept Move the window to your second screen Select Full Screen again. The fullscreen game now runs on my secondary monitor.


There is no way to avoid it. Unfortunately, Civilization 5's multiplayer is extremely buggy and there is often no workaround for the problems that you may face. As difficulty compensation, if you find the AI too easy, add more of them, if you find them too hard, make less of them, and if barbarians are too easy, enable raging barbarians. You can also ...

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