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In addition to holding down the right mouse button, the M key will toggle the single-move radius of a unit. There's also a button on the unit command panel that looks like a bunch of hexes with an arrow overlaid, this will do the same thing. (M is a shortcut for this command) It's not shown in your screenshot, but pressing G will bring up the hex grid, ...


In vanilla Civ5, I would probably suggest the Arabian civilization, as their trait (Trade Caravans, +1 gold from all trade routes) and special building (Bazaar, increased luxury resources, +2 gold from oasis and oil tiles) both increase gold flow. However, it's possible to be filthy rich as any civ. Just make sure you prioritize techs and build stuff ...


Hold right-click (movement button), IIRC.


The AI in Civ5 does some really weird things, but they can generally be explained by saying "you're winning, and the AI doesn't want to speed that process up." Whenever there is a large score delta or a victory is near, the AI will try to keep resources you need away from you at all costs through this sort of political weirdness. This leads to a lot of ...


The right answer to your question is: Conquer the holy city and annex it. That must be done. Then send in an inquisitor. This will destroy the holy city's pressure. It won't come back. How do I know this? I've done this many times. I always do this. If you leave it as a puppet, it won't work. I like to have almost all the cities at the end of the ...


If the scout is out of your territory when you discover optics for embark, it will need to travel back into your territory to learn embark.


I found some instructions here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/8930/discussions/0/540744299996631016/ or maybe better is here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=528742


You can make a defensive pact with one weaker civ and put the stronger one to attack it and the leader will autodeclare war to you , but don't use flat gold .


If you installed Civ5 in Steam: Go to your library Find Civ5 Right Click in the name (Civilization V) Select -> "Delete local content" Accept / Delete Hope you can do it ;)

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