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Tiberium is used to build things, but it is also valuable as an energy source According to the command and conquer wiki, Tiberium is valuable because it holds concentrated minerals and metals. These minerals were leeched out of the soil by the crystals themselves and are much easier to get to a usable state as compared to old-school mining and smelting of ...


You are able to assign a certain Barracks (or other unit producing structure) as the Primary structure by double-clicking it (I believe - this is how it was in C&CRA2, at least). Barracks units will come from that Barracks only unless your production speed is so fast that the animation of the unit walking out of the Barracks and into position is longer ...


As with many games, resources are simplified and abstracted a bit. This is necessary as in the real world, extracting minerals during an active engagement simply wouldn't be practical (especially since there is tiberium everywhere). Tiberium is referenced as being used directly in production. Tiberium grows by absorbing minerals from the nearby soil. This ...


Your only option really is to contact EA. Some companies are pretty good about CD key transfers. Relic, for instance, is pretty forgiving about Company of Heroes. I can't find a reference to anyone who has done this successfully, however. It's an old game, so you may be out of luck.


Apparently this is an issue with recent Intel HD graphics drivers. The only solution that has been found so far is to downgrade the drivers to a version from around/before June 2014. [EDIT] This issue is apparently SOLVED in the latest drivers. Update your drivers.

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