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It's a campaign added to the game in one of the updates. To start it, the game should be started with parameters funpark -cd. One way to do it is to create a shortcut and add them to the end of the target, behind quotation marks. For example: "C:\games\c&c95\c&c95.exe" funpark -cd Use the shortcut, start new game and choose either GDI or the ...


Install the patch by nyerguds - http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/cc95p106/ This patch lets you play C&C on newer OS's and with higher resolutions. Also lots of bug fixes in it..... EDIT: There is a patched installer available for download here with details... ...


Ok, you need to download the unofficial patch linked from the instructions in indyK1ng's answer, and install that. Then I found trying to run the game gave an error "Unable to set video mode". To fix this, in the XP virtual machine, disable the Integration Features. This will lose the links back to Windows 7 (e.g. the hard drive(s)), but enable you to ...


Did you try reading the installation instructions linked to from the EA website? They have instructions specifically for people running 64-bit versions of Windows.


Adding the options.ini file is a start, but it is not all. You also need to run the game in Administrator mode, in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3, and make sure to install the DirectX components pack from 2010, since it contains things these old games need which are missing from the more recent DirectX versions. Also, on laptops, make sure ...


I think there could be pretty reasonable explanation to this. The silo explosion is irreversable action which required just short-time mind control. Mind-controlling the president on the other hand is no use. As long as he hangs up the phone, he can cancel any order he gave being under mind control. There is also possibility that others will refuse to ...


You need to add a new entry for your new music to the game's internal music list, so the game knows it's a new track, and can give it a name in the playlist and such. Just adding a new .aud file won't work, especially since all of the game's sound effects are also .aud files. The playlist is one of the ini files inside the game's .mix archives. I believe ...


According to this page: The fun park missions were a small pack of missions found in the C&C directory after patch 1.6.


The best way I found to get it working in Windows 7 64-bit was to have it installed in XP, which is pretty easy, and then just copy the install folder over to anywhere you want in Windows 7. You don't have to worry about any emulation software or changing settings or properties in Windows 7 for it to work.

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