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It's the other R button: clicking the right control stick into the controller.


It would be 8 if you were using Multitaps because each Multitap can use 4 controllers. If you weren't using Multitaps it would only be 2.


Go to Device Manager (I assume you are running Windows since you said 'PC'). In device manager find USB/Game Controller, it could be either/or and in your case there may be multiple duplicates/similar choices, and click on properties. You should see a window that lets you 'test input' and shows some monitors for different input types. Granted that all the ...


Hold the PS-button and Share-button simultanously for some seconds while the PS4 is turned on. This will reset all connections of the controller and searches for a new one. If this doesn't help, try different USB-cables after resetting. If that also doesnt work, your controller is probably damaged.


Tips for people who are using DS3 Tool and the Mini USB cord. Disable vibration - On the homepage of DS3 Tool there is a Motor slider % and you need to set this to 0 on both left and right motors (zero). This is the main cause for wired disconnections. The internal motors will loosen the Mini Usb port connection on the top of the controller. Physically ...


Directly interfacing a PlayStation 2 controller to USB is a losing proposition. The protocols and hardware are not at all compatible. You're in for way too much work, risk, and pain. You can, however, buy a cheap adapter for just a couple of bucks. These tend to be cheap both in terms of cost and in terms of reliability, so I suggest buying someplace ...


You can not simply replace a PlayStation 2 controller connection with a USB connection, and expect it to work. The immediate clue is in the wires. Not only do the data lines mis-match, but the power line for the controller uses 3.3 volts, and USB supplies 5 volts. Simply connecting the controller to a powered USB slot could cause unsalvageable damage. ...


You'd have to do a wireless sync via Bluetooth with your computer to be able to turn off the controller easily. But then you'd have to resync your controller with the playstation when you want to use it on ps3 again. Best to have a least two controllers, so you wouldn't have to switch them over as often. Only when playing co-op. But for that you need a ...


Yes, it is possible to use a DualShock 4 on a PS3. You can plug it in directly to the USB port by default, but if your PS3 has the correct system firmware, it can be used wirelessly as well. There are a few features and games that aren't 100% compatible, the instructions for connecting the controller to the console and the compatibiliy list is in this ...

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