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Here's control layout straight from the game. Preset 1 is the default. And here's controller buttons just for good measure:


Quite honestly the only reason you might not see this question is because learning how to aim is typically the first thing any console shooter teaches you. Here's a controller for the Xbox 360: Notice how there's two analog sticks. The left one moves the player, and the right one is used to look around or aim. Every major console has some variation of ...


As someone with over 1,000 hours on CS GO with an Xbox 360 controller, I can tell you that you do not need to run joystick 1 or run steam in "Big Picture" mode for a controller to work. The file controller.360.cfg already contains the line joystick 1 for you. (Although from my experience, CS:GO ignores this and still logs stats as KB/M) All you have to do, ...


No. The game pad cannot detect your breath, rather it listens for a sound similar to that of you blowing. So yes, the right sound would fool it. I also know that Mariocart on the DS uses the microphone in this way.


Unfortunately if you set the F710 to direct input and plug the receiver in, you're all set . 1. make sure you have the ps3 turned on cons do not throw away your ps3 controller because you will need it to exit a game or use sixaxis. Logitech f710 does not support sixaxis or have the Logitech button as a ps button.


Sometimes there are little bugs in fake controllers which powerful computers like Xbox cannot handle so they give a message like error for example. My answer is to buy a new controller or try to fix the bug or use a adapter.


No, unfortunately it won't work with the Wii. It barely works with the Wii U. The adapter won't work with Wii games that support GameCube controllers whether played on a Wii U or a Wii. Games have to be specifically designed to use it and Super Smash Bros. For Wii U is the only game it works with it at the moment. You'll have to get an older Wii with ...


When Microsoft releases firmware updates, these updates occasionally include improvements for your controllers. Unlike the Xbox One updates, which are applied automatically, controllers need to be updated manually. Headsets too are often updated so keep them plugged into the controller while you update. Here's a paragraph from the Microsoft Xbox One website ...


SOLUTION: Ok, I went to a friend's house and he showed me how dumb I was. As I said, I'm new to Ubuntu and I'm used to Windows' UI, so I always forget that, in the Ubuntu's UI, the menus are located in the top left area of the screen and not in the program's window. So I was able to enter the settings menu and map my controller In Higan, the mapping is ...


There is currently no way to advance time with a keyboard and mouse setup. It is possible on consoles and on PC with a controller only. I initially thought that the arrows on either side on the hourglass were for time control, but either they aren't or it hasn't been implemented yet/correctly. Perhaps a future patch will see the introduction of time ...

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