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if you have ANOTHER remote then on the connected one press the home button then click on the remote on screen and press th buttons it tells you to do


I've messed around with the drum pedals for Rock Band and Guitar Hero before. They're just simple momentary switches with a really complex case. The 3.5mm jack is just an interface, the switch just shorts the two pins together. What you'd need to do is convert that switch to something the PC can recognize as an input. It might be possible to connect the ...


I found that there is no way to do this in-game for the gamepad. For en-us keyboard the N key will activate push-to-talk by default. However, various utils (depending on your gamepad) can be used to map one of the gamepad buttons to the push-to-talk button (N key). Since this game makes good use of all gamepad buttons, remapping one of the gamepad buttons ...


On a real GameCube, you could cause the various analog inputs to recalibrate by holding down X, Y and Start for 3 seconds. If the problem you're having is only within Dolphin, this should clear it up.


I had this problem with mine, and it turned out that I needed to change out my batteries. There is a compartment on the steering wheel portion of the setup that opens up when you push a grey button, and that's where the batteries go. I want to say that it's all the way over on the right side of the assembly, but I am not 100% sure, as I do not have it in ...


I believe you can setup in settings > key binds a setting for a gamepad button


Here's control layout straight from the game. Preset 1 is the default. And here's controller buttons just for good measure:


As someone with over 1,000 hours on CS GO with an Xbox 360 controller, I can tell you that you do not need to run joystick 1 or run steam in "Big Picture" mode for a controller to work. The file controller.360.cfg already contains the line joystick 1 for you. (Although from my experience, CS:GO ignores this and still logs stats as KB/M) All you have to do, ...


No. The game pad cannot detect your breath, rather it listens for a sound similar to that of you blowing. So yes, the right sound would fool it. I also know that Mariocart on the DS uses the microphone in this way.


Unfortunately if you set the F710 to direct input and plug the receiver in, you're all set . 1. make sure you have the ps3 turned on cons do not throw away your ps3 controller because you will need it to exit a game or use sixaxis. Logitech f710 does not support sixaxis or have the Logitech button as a ps button.


Sometimes there are little bugs in fake controllers which powerful computers like Xbox cannot handle so they give a message like error for example. My answer is to buy a new controller or try to fix the bug or use a adapter.

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