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Try using a rubber finger grip. Just get a size L or XL and use it on your thumb, like the ones people use to count money or separate paper!


i just got a Xbox one controller,you just simply need to download driver from here. http://majornelson.com/2014/06/05/pc-drivers-for-the-xbox-one-controller-available-now/ or http://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-one/accessories/controller-pc-compatibility i think so,this might help you!


Boot to main menu, plug the controller in charging cord, sync controller with console, and then press and hold the PS button for few seconds, the console should show you controller menu, showing charge level as well. If it shows "--" instead of charge level (bars inside battery icon) then that means that battery in controller is dead.


As an alternate suggestion, I might have you try different USB cables. In my experience the PS3 is very picky about cable quality and cheap cables will not support charging and in some cases, the controller wouldn't even be detected. I ran into this myself and thought I was loosing my mind with four controllers and a cheep cable and trying to use a cheaply ...


It sounds like the battery inside the controller may be dead. You can unscrew the back and swap out the battery with another controller to test it out. It could also be a loose connector inside the controller as well.


The Mac version of Super Meat Boy does not natively recognize controllers (at least in my personal experience with an Xbox 360 controller and the requisite drivers). You'll likely need to use a program like ControllerMate to map the controller to the keyboard.

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