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There's no technical reason this shouldn't work, but it depends on how the games are implemented. It's trivially easy to write a program that accepts input from a game controller even when it doesn't have keyboard focus. However, if a game isn't written to do this there's no easy way to fix it to work the way you want.


You can connect them, and all the controllers will show up as devices on your PC, but you won't actually be able to use more than 4 controllers. XInput (the API that Windows games use to interface with Xbox 360 controllers) only supports a maximum of 4 controllers. Even if there were a way around this, games are designed with this limitation in mind.


By default, most games do not have controller support. Some of them do, especially newer ones. As time goes on more and more PC games are coming stock with controller support. A majority of them implement it very poorly, while very few actually have good (and customizable) controller support. I recommend using a third party solution globally regardless of ...


If you have controller issues honestly, what I did, XPadder. I have a cheap gigaware controller that I just set keys to buttons and it works. Its worked for every game I have played. Dead Island: Riptide, Batman Arkham Origins, Grand theft auto, killing floor, and others I have.


It would appear that having both is an error in the entry at some point. According to the developer of Scourge: "The game is fully suported, even the text input in Big Picture mode" [...] "Seams like an error." source After looking through many of the Full controller support and Partial controller support games, it seems like this is a rare case. It ...


It can't, they are mutually exclusive. Whoever was entering the information made a mistake. You can ask on the game's forums whether it has full support.


Dark Souls only comes with Partial Controller Support on Steam. You'll have to use your keyboard to enter text in game. Steam has information about this support on their Big Picture mode FAQ page: Controller Support levels: Any Steam game can be played while in Big Picture mode, though not all Steam games support the use of a controller. Currently, ...

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