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It depends on where you want to change the map. If you're a player on a random server then mostly !rtv or rtv, !callvote or callvote, !changemap or changemap are the most common ways to start a vote on public servers (depends on how they are configured). If you have your own server running and you're able to input commands into the Console then changelevel ...


I'm not an expert CS:S player, but I'll take a shot at answering your question. According to this post on the Steam community forums, the command to call a vote is: callvote changelevel mapname. It does look like servers can disable the call vote command, so you might not be able to use the command on all servers. Good luck!


Strafing can be done with a mouse by either putting these commands into your console ("~" key) bind KEYHERE +left, right, +forward, and +backward Entering -forward will simply stop you and not reverse your moving. As for moving your mouse, mice movement can't control anything. Sorry. As Dan mentioned, these will not get you banned as either putting a ...


Yes it is normal behavior, your team bots are not as efficient as the enemy. It even comes from old CS:CZ, at least I remember it that way. The thing is the AI of your team behaves different because you are in such team. In other words, you are the captain of your team. That means you have control of the behavior of your teammates. You need to send radio ...

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