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There's your problem Intel i3 M350 (First Gen) HD Graphics 1696 MB (again, First Gen) Forget the internet, start an offline game with/without bots (you don't need the bots for this) See if it lags there as well ... Type in net_graph 1 in the console to see your FPS in the game (works off and online, not cheating) If you are lagging when playing ...


Apparently it works only on non steam servers. If you type commentator xc03335162 You'll make the game think you are a HLTV viewer and not an actual player on the server. When you type status you won't be seeing your steamID but something HLTV related. Having a quick read, it seams this is used to unban yourself from said servers.


They phrases are easter eggs. Freeman was here is a reference to Gordon Freeman, the main character from Half Life. Half Life is not only made by the same developers, but Counter-Strike was originally made as a modification of Half Life 1. Cs source is interesting just means that Counter-Strike Source is cool.

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