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There is no version of Civilization 5 for the Xbox 360. There is Civilization: Revolution, but it's a completely different game. Even if there were, it is fairly rare that PC and Xbox 360 players can play multiplayer together. I can think of perhaps a handful of games where this is the case. So the answer is no, you can't play Civilization 5 between a ...


Yes Yes, games can have multiple developers for differing platforms. Yes, games can also have differen't publishers for differing platforms. Yes, consider the following. Ghost Busters: The Video Game The 7th Gen Consoles (PS3, 360, PC) was developed by Terminal Reality (The multiplayer component was developed by Threewave Software) while the 6th gen ...


Theoretically, you could try loading up Civilization: Revolution on an XBox 360 emulator. As agent86 points out, however, it's not the same as Civilization 5. I'd be flabbergasted if you had access to multiplayer content though.

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