A 2011 zombie horror game by Techland, focusing on first-person melee combat, set on a tropical island overrun by the walking dead.

Dead Island is a first-person survival horror video game developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

You play as one of four main characters: rapper Sam B, hotel clerk/secret agent Xian Mei, football star Logan Carter, or bodyguard Purna. You wake from a party to the sound of a voice over the hotel's intercom, directing everyone to leave the building. You soon discover that the island is infected with a plague that turns most everyone into zombies; you, however, are unaffected. The main quest leads you on a journey to find a way off Banoi Island, helping survivors along the way. Optional side quests help you to build your skills as the game progresses.

Character development is RPG-like: while your base stats are fixed, you have a skill tree with options in each of three branches, all of which are customized for each character. With a current level cap of 60, you receive a maximum of 59 skill points to distribute, much less than the options in the tree, so there are multiple ways to build each character.

Games can be single-player or online co-op, with up to 4 players playing at once. Players can join and drop out of co-op games without affecting the host. Cut scenes show all four players, regardless of the number who are currently playing; some NPCs also refer to the group even in a single-player game.

Dead Island has a game-plus mode in that a game can't be continued after the main quest is over, but a new game can be started with that character, and you'll retain all your possessions and skills.

In addition to standard achievements and trophies, Dead Island has challenges, some of which mirror achievements and some of which are separate. Most challenges have four levels; each level is progressively harder to complete, and completing each level gives significantly more XP. Most achievements and challenges are cumulative across all games.

For more details, visit the Wikipedia page, the Dead Island wiki, and the official Dead Island website.

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