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Builds (at least the ones I find on /r/Diablo3 and /r/Diablo3Wizards) are actually centered around just these. As someone currently running that exact build (On PS4, so I cannot link bnet profile), I can tell you that both +Meteor damage and Nilfur boots absolutely do boost the effect. I got my Nilfur boots after completing my Tal Rasha's set, and saw a ...


I'm running with Tal Rasha's and got the whole set, and yes, they are using the +Meteor bonus from items, as well as the 100% from the boots. Here's a guide to the build, and a good documentation on it: icy-veins.com Here's a little snippet from it, regarding your question: Introduced in Patch 2.2, the new best friend of the Tal Rasha set are the ...

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