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No. (source) Instead, subsequent attacks just refresh the debuff. However, debuffs from multiple players will stack with each other. It has also been shown that the 10 % damage buff stacks when used by several players. Another small thing to note is that the debuff is applied by pet attacks, but it is not refreshed continously by dots.


One of the easiest things you can do is to equip or cube the effect of the Talisman of Aranoch. That completely nullifies all of the ground effects that he spams all over the place making it safe for you to kite. To dodge the whirlwind attack, its best if you have(or cubed) an aether walker. Also, since I'm assuming you are playing on patch 2.4. A DMO ...


You need a cold skill to proc the Ice Blink effect. Weapon damage will not help.


There is no universal chance for such things to trigger (like the 20% for the area damage, for example). Each item has its own triggering chance and afaik there is no way to see ingame how high this chance is. So the only way to find out how often an ability triggers, is to test it. Thankfully, someone already did. Lightning element. [Thunderfury, ...

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