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The basic answer to this question lies here, at Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide: Damage Formula Explained. In summary, certain types of multipliers are added together, and then all multipliers are multiplied together. The basic rule is that everything is multiplied together. Most factors start at 100%, and have multipliers added on. For example, +40% ...


Note Diablofans topic is from 2012, mostly outdated Things Dodge DOES affect Ranged and melee basic attacks (except Mallet Lords) Most single-hit spells (such as Morlu Incinerator meteor impacts and Lacuni firebombs) Electrified Frozen Pulse Frozen (Explosion) Jailer Molten (Explosion) Mortar Thunderstorm Fire Chains (partially: separate ticks are ...


Just because answer of WizardLizard isn't correct for now: After release of 2.2 patch, site's profile updated (after logout) with some random delay (as long as 1+ day, up to ~30 hours) in a two "waves" - separately gear and skills

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