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Dyes only change the aesthetic look of your character. That said, there are achievements directly linked to having a full set of certain colours equipped, and taking out certain bosses.


Short Version PC should be faster due to superior inputs. Long Version As far as I know, there is no major difficulty difference between console and PC. I found no mention of any distinct ones, at least. Console "Advantages" The Ultimate Evil Edition has a couple of things that could be considered advantageous: Dodging Nemesis System Lock-On Targeting ...


The old system of "Normal/Nightmare/Hell/Inferno" is gone completely, in favor what resembles the old Monster Power selector. New difficulties are called: Normal - Hard - Expert - Master - Torment I - Torment II - ... - Torment VI. (Torment VII through Torment X are coming in Patch 2.3) New difficulties are defined as a direct multiplier of monster's hit ...


To sum up the changes: The old difficulty system "master one level and advance to the next" is gone completely. You can now choose your difficulty settings from the beginning. The higher the level the more rewards you can earn, but the nastier are the enemies.


Dyes only change the color of a piece of armor. The text in the detail section is just flavor.

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