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There are many ways to benefit from your followers. Even though they don't deal much damage, they can offer you some good support utility. 1 - The Enchanteress Skills Charm, Disorient and Mass Control allow you to benefit from effect versus ennemies under control imparing effect (like Bane of the Trapped). Missile Ward and Powered Armor both offer some ...


To "get the most" out of your Follower (a bit different than a companion which is the term for a Demon Hunter's friendly animals that are enabled by a skill or Marauder's set) you have to reconsider what their usefulness is. Many players will tell you, trying to maximize a Follower's DPS is all in vain, as their DPS is only a pittance of your main ...


It triggers the abilities of all the companions. As long as you have the set bonus it doesn't really matter what rune you use for companions you'll have all of them and all their activation abilities.

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