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To do this you have to create a normal game in public, and that the person you want to play is one.


The basic answer to this question lies here, at Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide: Damage Formula Explained. In summary, certain types of multipliers are added together, and then all multipliers are multiplied together. The basic rule is that everything is multiplied together. Most factors start at 100%, and have multipliers added on. For example, +40% ...


Just because answer of WizardLizard isn't correct for now: After release of 2.2 patch, site's profile updated (after logout) with some random delay (as long as 1+ day, up to ~30 hours) in a two "waves" - separately gear and skills


Note Diablofans topic is from 2012, mostly outdated Things Dodge DOES affect Ranged and melee basic attacks (except Mallet Lords) Most single-hit spells (such as Morlu Incinerator meteor impacts and Lacuni firebombs) Electrified Frozen Pulse Frozen (Explosion) Jailer Molten (Explosion) Mortar Thunderstorm Fire Chains (partially: separate ticks are ...


Click the new mail icon in the bottom left. Click the icon to accept the items into your inventory. Right-click the items in your inventory to activate. Toggle the pet via the mirror icon on the bottom right. Took me a while to figure this out.


Kill the cow with the loot that appears (i think) randomly. Kill it while it opens a portal to escape. Go through the portal to end up in the cow level. After 2x a level with cows, I ended up in a sunny grassland with loads of rainbows, killing teddy bears, running flowers and unicorns... Not a lot of loot though...


There is a chance of running in to a special goblin like Cow called "Herald of the Queen". If you have sound on you will hear mooing when you get close and a cow icon will show up on your mini map. Killing this will open a portal to a place that dose not exist (zone name is "Not the cow level" when you get inside): Inside you will find The Cow ...


You will gain resistance when you cast the spells, not just deal damage with them. All of your elemental abilities other than electrocute and meteor are passive buffs which you are probably not casting very often, hence why you aren't getting the 4 piece bonus.


From the ability description it appears that this only works with one other Monk. You can only affect 3 of your allies (since you are the fourth player.) You can't have four allies. Therefore, you would only ever get a 15% damage buff from them. The last 5% would then have to come from another Monk's Unity buff maxing you (and them) out at a 20% boost.


You are just having bad luck, but your specific amulet may be especially bad for rerolls. Different affixes have a different roll probabilities based on their "weights", discussed here. Most of 16 affixes available on Amulets are of same weight, with +X Damage being 1.5 times as probable, Main Stat and Vitality - 4 times, and +% Elemental Damage TEN times ...


In reference to architecture, I thought he might be talking about those bearded faces in the sewers you meet him in. They look almost exactly like the face from Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets that is in the chamber if you've ever seen the movie.

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