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Basically, you don't. Paragon points are account wide per character "type". The Four types being: Non-Seasonal Softcore Non-Seasonal Hardcore (Permadeath) Seasonal Softcore Seasonal Hardcore (Permadeath) If you are paragon level 50 in a Non-Seasonal type they do not carry over to a Seasonal Hero. You start a season 100% from scratch. When any character ...


Paragon points are reset each season. They are bound to each season. So by you starting a new season character you would start at level 1 and 0 paragon. If you had leveled a seasonal character to paragon 50 your new character would have them points available. More info can be found on this link under the paragon 2.0 seasons ...


You will get both effects, and that is why they have the 3 slots available in Kanai's cube (weapon, armor, jewelry). There will be affects that help each other, but I don't know if +X% effects are additive or multiplicative. Either way, you want to choose Kanai cube effects that compliment your current build. I would focus on increasing/reducing damage, ...


I just tested it out in game and can confirm that grasp of the dead still counts as a mana spender even with the unbreakable grasp rune.

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