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The Dino Domain key is hidden on the Ancient Lake track. It's located at the very beginning of the track off to the right hand side. It will be floating on an inclined ramp. As mentioned in the comments below, you'll need a blue balloon to get the boost needed to grab the key. This video will show you where:


Collecting Bananas increases your speed by a small amount. It's unclear whether or not each single banana increases your speed slightly, or if it increases every 2, 3 bananas, etc. You'll stop speeding up after you grab 10, but having extra is good insurance against attacks. There are also two cheat codes that relate to bananas: VITAMINB: There is no ...


They do marginally increase your speed, but I have never noticed it being that much of an increase. Also, the increase stops at ten bananas - you can theoretically collect more than that, but they won't help you. As Toomai pointed out in comments, you can use the VITAMINB cheat, which allows you to collect an unlimited amount of bananas.


The coins with an up arrow on them are upgrade coins. These coins are activated by pressing 'X' and will upgrade any weapon or item you are currently equipped with. Weapon and items are found through the numerous balloons scattered throughout the course. Upgrades are as follows: Red Balloons: Missile Shield Blue Balloons: Autopilot Green Balloons: ...


When you start the game and choose your save file, choose the right hand option (options) then choose the top option (game settings). The option to invert the Y axis in in there.


They're just decoration. Faces of other characters appear in-game as well. Large faces The faces of some of the characters (Pipsy, Bumper, Krunch) appear Wizpig-style on an icy cliff-face in Snowball Valley. Just before you go through to the snowball run of the level's title, look to the side to see the faces. These are also featured briefly in the ...


They have different stats it seems. Though those look like the N64 version stats (it has banjo). If you're on the DS the stats might be different. Edit: Here is the stats for the DS version. Edit 2: To more directly answer your question, you can choose whichever you like, but you should be aware of the stats if you'd like to have a better chance of ...


He does slow down quite a bit right before the finish line, so that is a good spot to overtake him if you are close behind him. Other than that, his speed doesn't really vary, ahead or behind. Also, try not to let him step on you - when you are flattened, you lose a lot of valuable time. There is also a shortcut of sorts that you can use - it is marked by ...

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