A multiplayer browser-based social game in which towns of 40 citizens each face certain death to the ever-increasing waves of attacking zombies.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where the world has gone to hell and zombies roam in hordes around isolated towns, Die2Nite brings a remarkable social twist to the zombie survival game formula. The game heavily encourages cooperation and organization through the use of its built-in forums, as each citizen can only do so much in a day before they run out of action points (AP).

AP, given out in fixed amounts each day, is spent on tasks such as building defense structures or venturing out into the Great Beyond; when you run out, you're forced to drink, eat, or use drugs to recover from exhaustion or find yourself stuck outside to die. Each ration you use draws your town one step closer to its inevitable destruction, and the items may even have unrealized side-effects...

Figuring out how best to use your AP in any given situation is only half the game. Convincing your fellow citizens to use theirs for the best as well is the true uphill battle, and the criteria by which good players are separated from the bad.

You can play Die2Nite for free at www.die2nite.com. Several members of the Gaming.SE community who play can be found hanging out in the Die2Nite chat room.

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