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This is a very, very old problem with Codemasters' racing games. Sometimes they will become corrupted for absolutely no reason, and they're difficult to recover because they're stored in an encrypted format, to prevent tampering. Because it would impair the user experience if people could cheat in the single-player portion of the game, obviously! Anyway, ...


If you bought a code for DiRT from Codemasters, and are having problems after a reinstall, I'd suggest you check the DiRT forums, or email Codemasters at Any other method of acquiring new codes is likely illegal, or a violation of the game's EULA or Terms of Service.


After some searching, I found no way of doing this. However, I am now using XPadder which is a neat little program that maps gamepad input to keyboard input, thus allowing it to be recognised by DiRT. There is a fully free (rather than just shady free versions of XPadder) alternative for this: JoyToKey.

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