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When the ESRB rates a game, they include information about the games content and why it received the rating it did. In the case of DmC Devil May Cry, they say the following on its sexual content: Some scenes also depict sexual activity: scantily clad strippers dancing/gyrating provocatively with each other; a woman moving her head toward Dante's lap ...


Given the pictures found over Google images, it looks like the UK flag is just part of the character design of Dante. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 There is also a side note about this flag on the DmC Wikia: The Union Jack patch on the arm of Dante's coat was Ninja Theory's small way of adding in a nod to themselves as their offices are based in ...


Wow. The problem was launching the game with -nomoviestartup under the launch options in Steam. Without that, it works fine. The -nomoviestartup launch option is used to skip the intro videos when starting up the game. I guess it skips too much videos. Credit goes to Ahi.


DmC is a reboot of the franchise, so while certain elements such as character names are borrowed from the original games, there's no story connection at all. You have nothing to worry about!


As far as I can tell you can move points around freely, even ones you bought before. I don't think there's any sort of penalty for it either.


You need to avoid his gun attack as it turns into a grapple. If he does get you, you're able to escape but it's instant kill if you don't. I've followed the guide linked below and it worked for me. I struggled for a bit too http://www.gamersheroes.com/dmc-devil-may-cry-hunter-boss-guide


No, you have to beat the level for the game to save everything you did on that level. You can die in the same level, and keep the collectables, but once you exit to main menu, it's reset.


It's irrelevant as far as fighting goes other than the fact that you get to play through with all your upgrades. But as far as all the doors and souls, yes and no. For the doors, once you enter them, all the doors have a default difficulty. So no matter what mode your playing in, Son of Sparda, Dante Must Die, etc., the demons in the doors remain the same. ...


Combo variety is really all that matters. From personal experience, its real easy to rank up to a triple S by switching between the weapons constantly. Do 2 different combos with one weapon, switch, do 2 combos, switch, 2 combos, etc. in that pattern. You can go back to the first weapon in the combo string after switching through 2 other weapons if you want ...

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