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Here is a list of all the crock pot recipes in Don't Starve. Wet Goop is any combination of ingredients that does not produce one of the other valid recipes. For example: 4 twigs 4 butterfly wings 2 morsels, 2 sticks 1 berries, 1 morsel, 1 veg, 1 twig etc. Since twigs are regarded as the most efficient filler, 4 twigs is probably your best option, but ...


No. However, you can try running into the pig village whenever you are accosted by frogs. This should make the pigs and the frogs attack each other, and you can slip away. (Then come back to harvest the meat later.)


Some of the newer characters have special items they can craft: As already noted, Wickerbottom can craft books Wigfrid can craft copies of her buffed spear and helmet. Webber can create spider dens.


Gold is most easily mined from large boulders with gold veins visible on the side. It can be mined with a pickaxe. These rocks are most commonly found in Savannah and Rockyland biomes. Other sources for gold include Graveyards, Caves (Earthquakes and Stalgmites), and trades with the Pig King.


I would suggest using Evolve or Tunngle instead of Hamachi, that's where I host and play with my friend. These are more reliable ways of setting up Lan. Just get in one room with person you want to play and then BLAZE IT! P.S. More specifically - I use Tunngle.


You can make a garland out of 11 petals and it will slowly increase the sanity

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