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According to the wiki: The player can dry themselves out faster by standing next to a fire. The rate of wetness can also be decreased, but not stopped, by standing under a Tree (including Birchnut Trees). This will decrease the amount of time waiting to lose the 'Wet' status. Standing under a Tree grants 40% Water Resistance. The best way to keep ...


No, it is not intended I just started Don't Starve to double check: I can move around with WASD and meanwhile use my mouse to browse through the inventory. During crafting, you have to stand still (moving cancels the crafting).


It's not really a feature of the game that a keyboard can't handle many keys pressed at the same time.If you're moving diagonal, up and right and want to eat something in your inventory you'll have three keys pressed at the same time. Every time I've played it, it's using the mouse to select a place to move to, and while on the way there you can pick up ...


Without mods, there are only two ways to change the character: Finish your world by going through the teleportato. You can choose any new character for the next level, but it generates a new world. You can bring stuff along though. Finish adventure mode. It returns you to your original world, but with the character you freed. Since you want to keep your ...


I haven't yet seen a trap that has expired, but I have not scientificallytm confirmed these results. If someone posts a contrary result, I'll remove this answer.


Currently it's the same generation as single player. This is bound to change but as of now, I just set things slightly higher that DON'T reproduce. There's a huge thread on multiplayer servers here - http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/45915-what-makes-a-good-dst-world/ That should help :)


I have found actually a very good way to sty alive and get food. i built a nice little base in the middle of a swampy area, I'm on day 22 playing as we speak, and in the swamp of course there are a TON TON TON of frogs. and they attack you sure, but if you build a base perimeter big enough they leave you alone. Anyhow, bunny traps can catch frogs that get ...


When creating a new game, just click the "RoG" box so that it turns to a red X. This will disable Reign of Giants.

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