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I have found that if you play as certain characters (such as Webber or any character who can eat monster meat without penalties) it is best to farm near by spiders but don't destroy the den, or if you play as other chacters it would be ideal to move as many berry bushes as close to your base as possible while killing pigmen every now and then to get meat... ...


No, your structures are completely safe. Earthquakes are generally speaking your friends: you get a lot of free resources that are generally not-renewable, were it not for earthquakes. They are dangerous to your pets, or to you while you're being attacked.


There is no way to move the Thermal Measurer to your base directly. The closest you can get is to use a Hammer or Deconstruction Staff to break the Thermal Measurer into its components, then rebuild it in your base. The Staff is harder to get, but returns all of the materials; the Hammer destroys half of the materials of anything it deconstructs. Building ...

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