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Excerpted from an electronic copy of the manual (which appears to be hosted on a retro Amiga gaming website, but the manual text was identical across versions except for perhaps the Mac version, if I recall correctly): Even though you don't see the seasons change or the rains fall, and you don't feel the wind blow (other than an occasional tornado ...


Depending on exactly what game you want to run, the easiest (and most common solution) is DOSBox, as you mentioned. Some games have issues with emulation - you may have to Google issues you run into now and again (e.g. setting clock speed for games running too fast, etc.). If you wanted to, you could certainly set up a VM running DOS or Windows 95/98 and ...


According to the Wikipedia article, Avoid the Noid was released for DOS and the Commodore 64. I'm assuming you've got the DOS version here, but if this is the case, you'll probably have to use something like DOSBox to run it. The DOSBox compatibility list says that Avoid the Noid should work fine.


This has always caused me problems before I figured out the controls - you have to hold Shift while jumping for the Prince to grab onto ledges. When he grabs on, you just have to pull yourself up by pressing Up. Also as noted, since there is no room for a run up, you have to carefully get to the edge and then jump from the spot. EDIT: To clarify - walk ...


You're in luck. GOG.com sells the entire Police Quest series for ten bucks on their website. This includes launchers that'll let you run the games in Windows 7.


A company called Device Side Data produces a device called the FC5025 which can adapt a 5 1/4" drive to a USB port. You will still need to power the drive so this approach will require either an external power source or a tower or desktop computer. There are also other limitations to this device, such as the inability to write to the disks or to read most ...


Here you go: http://www.vizzed.com/vizzedboard/retro/game.php?id=5319


I'd rather comment this but I can not comment yet, probably too low rep. GOG.com sells it but here you can get the installers for free if you own the original version(s). Lots of sierra games made compatible even for X64 systems. May need some fiddling with some settings though. http://www.sierrahelp.com/Patches-Updates/NewSierraInstallers.html#PQ


According to that wikipedia page, The Amiga and DOS game features copy protection in the form of a unique password system. When the game is booted up, you must use a key script (located in the game manual) to translate symbols on the screen. [..] there is no way to play the game without deciphering the code. A copy of the manual can be found here. ...


One possible contender - DONKEY.BAS, one of the sample programs written in BASIC that shipped with IBM PC DOS v1.0 in August 1981 (according to this timeline). Wikipedia also has a list of MS-DOS games (which to my eye looks pretty non-exhaustive), which has entries from 1980 and even one from 1979. Since these games were released on multiple platforms and ...

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