This tag is for use with questions about Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. It was released on March 18 2010 for all platforms but Mac, and uses Bioware's Eclipse engine.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening is a 2010 role-playing video game made by BioWare Edmonton. It was published by Electronic Arts, and uses BioWare's Eclipse Engine.

While Awakening received positive reviews, fans were less enthusiastic than the first game due to its less memorable characters.

The game itself had 6 new companions, and 1 old companion from Dragon Age: Origins. It also added two new Specializations for each class:

  • Battlemage (Mage)
  • Keeper (Mage)
  • Legionnaire Scout (Rogue)
  • Shadow (Rogue)
  • Guardian (Warrior)
  • Spirit Warrior (Warrior)

Awakening also added three new skills - Vitality (which increased health), Clarity (Which increased Stamina / Mana) and rune-crafting. The latter was done to allow the player to craft highly powerful level runes, which could not be found other than by crafting.

Other major changes included:

  • 2 new tiers of material
  • Personal Chest for item storage
  • Level cap increase from 25 to 35
  • A higher XP and Money gain rate compared to Origins
  • Increase in crafting material prices (To decrease crafting exploitation)
  • 5 new achievements

Awakening also gave the player the option to make a new Warden, or import his / her Warden from Origins. If the latter was done, the player could reset their skill points by use of Manual of Focus, which allowed to player to reset their character without loss of level or plot decisions from Origins, and are unlimited, being sold for 6 Gold each.


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