Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress is a tile based, real time strategy, city building, and adventure game for one player by Bay 12 Games developer Tarn Adams. It focuses on player control and dynamically generated game elements. The game is playable on PC, under Windows (XP+), Mac (OSX), and Linux (Most distros, contains a text only mode). Most game content is procedurally generated and the game is highly moddable.

It features three modes:

  • Fortress Mode (real time strategy, city building)
  • Adventure Mode (adventure/roguelike)
  • Legends (read only view of generated history)

As each release of DF has quite significant changes. Please include the release version of dwarf fortress you are asking a question about. (So far the versions have been: v0.40.22, v0.34, v0.31, 40d, 23a. Using the Bay12games versioning. Some people also use the release year of the version, like DF2014, or DF2012).


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