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You can't use those links. Euro Truck Simulator 2 requires links to the actual MP3 audio steams, and links in your post are to ordinary web pages that host a custom Flash player. In order to listen to a streaming radio station through the game you're going to need to track down the actual raw URL for the station, assuming one exists. It needs to serve the ...


What you're doing wrong is driving in the UK. They have speed traps everywhere. You get tickets all over the place. Go to France, and you can drive your truck at 90 km/h, the limiter speed. Go to Germany and you can drive on the highways at 90 km/hr and you won't get a ticket, even though the limit is 80. If you slow down for tunnels, towns, and ...


You can add a mod to light the cab. There's multiple colours available but using white should sort it out for you. You can download it here If that link isn't working you can get it here Other mods to add interior lighting here


I don't believe there is a way to change the keyboard to be less sensitive but you can steer with your mouse which I did find much easier. You can fine tune the mouse turning. Info here

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