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According to everything I could find on this, the more you upgrade your truck, the more efficient they will be. A "good truck" is just a more upgraded or better truck than the one they have currently. Some sources that seem to back this up. so if you cheap out and give them a lower end truck then they can not work as hard! source I had a driver ...


Just like in real life, you can't fix your vehicle with the press of a magic button. You have to get the vehicle to a service center. Each city usually has one, as indicated by a red square with a wrench symbol. If you don't wish to drive to one, you can, alternatively, press F7 and then Enter to be towed straight to the nearest service center. You will ...


in settings -> controls section there is "steering sensivity" option - sliding it changes the speed at which in-game wheel is turned - for a gaming steering wheel you set it to maximum(right-most), but for keyboard or gamepad it is useful to lower it.


try sleeping or using ferry or any other option to skip time forwards - that should regenerate jobs list.

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