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This is the result of a lovely little security feature found in modern versions of Windows, first introduced in Windows Vista. The Program Files and Program Files (x86) directories are off-limits to any process running without administrator privileges. So what happens when an older program tries to write into those directories, expecting them to be ...


Found out how for EU3; look in the EU3 folder for the EU3.EXE file and open it rather than the eu3game.exe file. After you open the EU3.EXE, look at the combobox at the bottom and press the mod you want.


Possibly. It depends if the Holy Roman Emperor has been turned into a general by the AI. If he has been made a general, defeating the force he leads in battle has a small, but significant chance to kill him. If he hasn't been turned into a general, then there is no way to speed up his demise.


Claiming the throne costs prestige, as does refusing to honor a call to arms. The best strategy to get the throne is to simply hire a strong (4+ star) advisor who will raise prestige/keep it high, and concentrate on keeping only one throne at a time.


There are also two other negative modifiers for infamy: build Embassy - it is a unique building, available only in some non-core border provinces, after a certain government level Cabinet - a national idea, , after a certain government level


Check in your main screen (the shield) to see if there are any of your recently conquered territories that you can release as vassals. That's the fastest way to reduce infamy. Another (much slower) way is hiring a diplomat advisor, which reduces infamy by 0.05 points per star per year. Create him with your culture points so you get a 4+ star one and get ...


I believe that in EU2, the shock value for admirals was actually called "Boarding" at one point, so your guess is likely correct. Which would make sense, since land shock consists of hand-to-hand combat. It seems reasonable that naval shock should consist of the same. (The Greeks and Romans did use rams as "shock" tactics, but the practice had become mostly ...

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