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Though i have not tested this, You may be able to do this by cheating using the command console. Y U NO WORK pointed out even hacking the key does not give you ownership, but with many Bethesda games, you can skip events without actually doing them to obtain the key the "proper" way by using the command console, (cheating). Through the command console, you ...


You cannot. Mr Burk will only give you the key to your room as a quest reward for setting off the bomb. Even killing him doesn't get you the key.


Well in reality in the threat of nuclear war all major assets are to be distributed and sent out. So most armor would not be near any major center of activity or military center. Along with this oil was very scarce that why many vehicles were at base since most oil was diverted to weapons to be used in war. The whole reasons power armor came about was to ...


Strictly speaking, no, sleeping longer does not give you anything that a short sleep does not. It does allow you to change the time of day to the time you want for particular events.


You have to deal at least 30% of the damage necessary to kill an opponent to receive the experience for the kill.


In Fallout lore, the futuristic cars that were driven in 2077 were based on the prototype Ford Nucleon, a car designed in the 1950s which would have been powered by a nuclear reactor instead of a combustion engine. These derelict cars remained in the world after the bombs hit. If you shoot them it somehow triggers the leftover fuel in their reactor engines ...


In the inventory section of the Harkness page on the the Fallout Wikia, it lists the Chinese Assault Rifle as his weapon, not the plasma rifle. There is also a screenshot, which appears to show such an assault rifle on his back. So, although Harkness may have used his plasma rifle as his primary weapon in the past, it is not the weapon he is using by the ...


Killing the guard at the main door works fine. I've done it any number of times. They often fall in the water. Try again. Maybe use a melee weapon. Those are silent.

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