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The Operation: Anchorage DLC has plenty of bugs, including the one you have mentioned. You may be able to salvage the save by saving then reloading. This appears to fix some of the issues in the DLC. If this does not work you can use the following command: setstage <quest ID> <stage ID>


Veronica kinda reveals the outcome of fallout 3 events saying "One chapter even HAD a civil war" clearly reffering to the capital wasteland BoS, the key word here is HAD which may have ended in peace or hunting down the outcasts and killing them all. Secondly the CW BoS tried to establish a contact with the western brotherhood right?Which it has because ...


Steam fails to install one of the required prerequisites for Fallout 3 to run: The Games for Windows Live client. Download and install the Games for Windows Live Client (Microsoft Download) then Fallout 3 should start.

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