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The each game has an individual, unrelated to each other story. You're not missing out on any story details by skipping previous games.


Sharks can be found in most open water areas in Far Cry 3. Look for the shark symbol on the map, you should see several.


Basically just look around the island's shore, there are plenty of sharks everywhere. Ideally, you get yourself a boat, too, for some easy travel. The animal symbols usually help, but sharks really just appear anywhere in the open sea.


If you open the map, you will notice that there are animal symbols drawn on various locations. Simply head over to the location where the shark symbol is drawn and more likely than not an innocent shark is swimming around for you to cull.


You unlock new weapons and gear for your loadouts simply by playing and earning XP and gaining levels. Weapon attachments for a particular weapon are unlocked by using that weapon and increasing its level. Weapon mods are unlocked by using the decoder on the various storage items you earn from missions. They also often give you XP which will help with ...

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