Firefall is a massively multiplayer online team-based computer game from Red 5 Studios, a studio founded by Mark Kern. It is currently in its closed beta stage and it will attempt to mix elements from the MMORPG and MMOFPS genres when it is released.


Firefall features both a large, open-world cooperative campaign that can be shared with hundreds of other players as well as a competitive multiplayer component that will incorporate features such as ladders, tournaments, clans and leagues.

Players can gain equipment and level up in order to fight better. According to Mark Kern, the CEO of Red 5, the game tries its best to integrate both vertical and horizontal progression, meaning that at higher levels your character is still able to be threatened by a lower level player, but will still have an advantage in equipment. The guild equivalent that players can join are called armies, which can grant their members certain advantages and abilities. One example, the Thumper, is a mining drill which is dropped from orbit or by a shuttle, and allows a member of an army to gather crystite anywhere in the world. Certain areas appear to be more beneficial for mining than others. When a thumper is deployed it will attract multiple hostile creatures. This was one of a few demonstrated examples of the events or types of gameplay players will experience.

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