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Eventually found an "auto fish" skill in my skills list.


Botanist This job will help you acquire the neccesary items for other jobs like Alchemy or Cooking. Collecting plants can help you make money Alchemy Alchemy will help you make potions that you can use to gain benefits: Basic Health Potion – Recovers 1640 HP Basic Mana Potion – Recovers 1370 MP Sturdy Potion – Increases defence by 15 for 5 minutes ...


As said earlier, maybe you could give a try to Gamepe, which does provide an overlay for WLM (and IRC) while IG. This software is currently in beta, so it may not be the most stable solution, but since the only alternative i saw to this was another beta software, which is no longer supported (and was abandoned for several years), this one seems to be the ...

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