A Rogue-like space adventure game. It features a randomized galaxy in which a heroic crew must travel, fighting and trading along the way, to deliver the crucial data to save their galactic Federation.

The player is the captain of a star ship, making all the major decisions along the adventure. The player chooses the path the ship takes, what components of the ship to upgrade, where each crew member should be stationed, which people to hire and fire, etc.

The player can hire new crewmembers, as well as allow people they rescue to join the crew.

The player can upgrade the space ship by trading for new part upgrades or from looting the scrap of defeated opponents.

The player manages everything about the ship and crew during combat. As captain, the player determines what stations each crew member operates and when, which crew members should repair battle damage, fight boarders, or be sent to board enemy ships. The player determines what weapons should fire at which available targets of the enemy.

The player manages the ship's power, allowing for different strategies as the player desires. For example, if the player decides it is wiser to run and avoid an extended battle, the player may choose to put all available power into the FTL engines (to shorten their cooldown and jump away more quickly) and their shields (to prevent as much damage as possible). Or the player may decide to beserk their enemy, powering all their weapon systems, but leaving little power to charge the FTL jump system meaning it will take much longer to charge if they suddenly find the battle going against them and they need to run away.

The official website for FTL can be found at: http://www.ftlgame.com/

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