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The GameCube has an internal battery that appears to keep the clock running even when the system is powered off. If this battery is weak or dead, the clock is likely to have issues. It's impossible for me to point the finger and be 100% sure that's your problem, but it's a likely candidate. The battery is located just behind the controller ports, mounted ...


Yes, both GameCube games and Wii games use the Wii's system clock. For GameCube games, this is mainly to record high scores and keep progress of game-play, while Wii games have more reasons to use the clock.


Each receiver plugs into a single controller port, and can only be set to one channel. You will need a receiver for each controller that will be used simultaneously (and of course, set them to different channels).


Yes. Gamecube games perform exactly the same on the Wii as they do on the Gamecube. Playing games on the Wii has no impact on what glitches are possible.


I don't think you could find anything for UK-Japan GameCube, unfortunately. But, I think I might have seen an option for trading UK or US games in for their Japanese equivalents. (Hopefully you have a good knowledge of Japanese) But! Unless you buy a blank new memory card, you will be forced to erase the saves for the Japanese format. Hope I could help. ...

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