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EA originally reverse-engineered the Genesis and made their own carts. When EA inquired about publishing its games on the Genesis, the executives felt their proposal would be met with open arms. Instead of embracing the logic in EA’s proposal, Sega of America president Mike Katz had other ideas. Sega wanted to emulate the Nintendo licensing ...


There's not a hardware device that would sit between a console and it's cartridge to record the game's state, and that's because it wouldn't be able to do this task. The cartridges hold the game's code, commonly burned into memory chips called ROMs. Cheat devices like the Game Genie or Action Replay sit between the console and these chips, and replace or ...


I found Sega Genesis / Mega Drive 101: A begginners guide on racketboy.com a great resource. The name is just a trademark issue, it was the Megadrive, but was marketed as Genesis in North America since the name had already been registered. The differences between the three models are basically: Model 1 - Only one to include volume control slide switch for ...


The extra blocks you are seeing are just artifacts from the previous frame of the game. Caused by either the TV or camera used. I am sure of this because the UI for the next piece doesn't have enough room for 4 blocks. Looking through some game guides shows no mention of 4 blocks either.


Forgive my bluntness but Agent86 is not entirely correct. Both the SNES and NES actually do have hardware devices that can save and restore state with off the shelf cartridges. As an added bonus both offer true slow motion capabilities (not the pause button hack commonly implemented by some controllers). These are perfect for games like Mortal Kombat and ...


According to the original 32X manual, it seems like you can directly plug in Genesis games to the 32X and they will work, with the exception of Virtua Racing. On page 6: To play conventional Genesis 16-bit cartridge games, just insert the cartridge into the cartridge slot on the Genesis 32X. Before playing the 16-bit Virtua Racing game, remove the ...


Steam has several "Mega Drives Classics" packs: SEGA Mega Drive Classics Pack 1 Altered Beast Comix Zone Cracked Down Ecco the Dolphin Gain Ground Golden Axe Shadow Dancer Shinobi III Space Harrier III Vectorman SEGA Mega Drive Classics Pack 2 SEGA Mega Drive Classics Pack 3 SEGA Mega Drive Classics Pack 4 SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 5


I have actually run into this issue also, and I beat the game after like 3 years. You need to go as far as you can in the level, and then go backwards until you get to the last guard tower. There you will be able to jump upwards and climb up onto a ledge to get across and finish the level.


Complementing Cory J's answer, after some research, I found that the cartridges really have different PCB sizes. According to this source (2nd answer), EA games PCB were slightly taller and harder to open: Madden 93 "guts":


The main difference is that the Mega Drive outputs PAL and the Genesis outputs NTSC video. The cartridges are physicaly compatible, but hardware modification is needed to actually run import games. The Japanese Mega Drive has different shaped cartridge slot so using those cartriges requires actually removing some plastic from the slot as well as a region ...


Not an actual answer, but a workaround. You can try using Xpadder to map your joystick to keyboard keys. Of course, that will only work if you can disable the in-game joystick support. Since I don't own Sega Mega Drive Classics, I don't know if that's possible, and probably I can't help you further than that.


Actually, the PowerPak -- basically a flash cart for the NES -- does have the ability to take savestates, with a certain set of mappers: http://kkfos.aspekt.fi/projects/nes/powerpak/save-state-mappers/ It is not currently possible for the other ones, that I know of, however.


It may be not the direct solution for your problem, but there is this company in japan with great products for video capture, one of them is the XCAPTURE-1 you can get almost any input, and send to almost any output (recording at the same time if you want to). It's the most recommended capture device on broadcasters community(that don't go inside a PC). ...


S-Video is long dead and buried so it's hard to find anything that supports it. As far as new equipment goes you're options are very limited. The only brand name device that can convert S-Video to HDMI you might be able to find new at retail is a 2013 Yamaha RX-A1030 (RX-V1075) AV receiver, but that's probably way outside your budget. I can say though that ...


Yes. Additional information : The 32x displays the video a bit better. The model 1 Sega Genesis consoles can be prone to "rainbow banding" and the video encoder in the 32X provides better image quality. This video explains it in detail. ...


You can get the 6 Emeralds in the first 6 Acts you play, you have in total 10 chances to get them. The important thing is that you collect them before Scrap Brain Zone, because there's no access to Special Stage there. Here is an example video: ...


The simple answer to this is that I-Pac should allow you to utilize alt+F4, my understanding is that most people don't use ctrl, alt and shift keys as much as possible so that there are no conflicts with the OS but with iPac you can as stated on the website Shift functions. Holding "Start1" and pressing other buttons sends a range of codes for MAME ...

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