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The story of III will definitely make much more sense if you play the first two games. In regards to whether or not you should, I would say that it is worth it, if only because going back to the first two after playing the third may be jarring because of small improvements in gameplay. I'd start with the first two games for the following reasons: weapon ...


Yes, You will still be able to play games that you have purchased after your PS+ subscription has expired. Even if they are PS+ exclusives. Only games that you obtain for free from PS+ are no longer playable after your subscription expires.


Here is what you do. Drag the statue near the entrance and place it on the elevator. ( It is constantly moving up and down ) Get the other statue and stack it on top of this one when the elevator goes down. Drag the stacked statues to the water fountain. Climb on top of the small temple thingy and jump towards the hanging vines. From here it is straight ...


You have to move the analog stick in the direction shown. In this case, you'd want to move the left analog stick clockwise in order to clear this part of the minigame. I always also started the circle wherever the line started (ie, in this case, I'd pull the stick downwards, and then move it in a circular motion clockwise towards the top) but I don't ...


Try running back the way you came, after running a bit back, the game will eventually try to stream the level data (you might see the game pause to load), after a certain distance (or seeing the loading prompt) return to where the game glitched, this should solve your issue.


In terms of story it's almost definitely worth playing the first 2 games first. Not so much that the twists and turns rely heavily on intimate knowledge of the first two games, but more so that you'll inadvertently come across spoilers for 1 and 2 in the third game. The plots do follow on from each other to some extent but you won't be lost if you play them ...

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