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Common scenario when you have a game engine/technical design that is bad. This is very sifnificative of such a problem, as the GPU throughput is not kept up to maximum. If you consider what is going on, the GPU needs to receive prepared frames from the CPU, but if it doesn't it will not be fully utlized. The CPU in turn needs to generate said ...


The source of the lag is hard to determine. However, typically, a computer's major bottle neck will be the following, in the specified order: 1) Hard Drive (seek times measured in ms) 2) Amount of RAM - if you run out, you start using Hard Drive swap 3) Actual CPU/GPU processing power


Not knowing your entire system, it's difficult to help. Dota 2 on Ubuntu has some issues, and I'm not sure your GPU can handle it well - can you perhaps elaborate your system? I would first and foremost go to launch options and force directX. Either run -dx9 (for directx 9) or -dx11(for directx11) to remove the OpenGL option. I am, however, afraid you're ...

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