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Yes, it is possible, though it's horrendously unintuitive and weird to configure. I've tried to find it out many times, but wasn't able, so I stayed with this small window for years. But I've finally manged to find the solution! The following guide is based on two forum threads (big thanks to those guys!). I believe it is valid for both 640M (including LE) ...


Simply turn off fast render! This can be in Optifine or options.txt


You are most likely missing the shader files in your .minecraft folder. Super secret settings are basically vanilla minecraft shaders and sometimes can be deleted through updates or installing mods.


After investigating the issue further, I have found that the game sometimes incorrectly detects your graphics card and sets everything to absolute minimum. The core of the problem lies in the fact that there are actually two places from which you can change graphical settings in Oblivion - from in-game options and from launcher. Regardless of how the game ...

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