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At this point there are multiple businesses which you can purchase. Each will unlock a short mission chain, minigame or activity which, when completed, earns you money per day. Completing enough of these (which must include the printing press and The Malibu) will unlock the final missions. Here's a list of the properties which make money: The boatyard- ...


It's the same game, with slightly improved visuals and obviously modified for touch-screen control.


You key should have activated instantly and therefore your unlocked game should be inside your Steam Library. If it isn't check your steam inventory since it may have been put there by accident. The game should be available to download inside your steam library and it will install inside the SteamApps folder: C:\Program Files ...


Once you enter the key the game should be added to your Steam library immediately. The dialogue you entered the key should have given you the option to install the game. If you missed that or chose not to install the game then you can install it by selecting the game in your library and clicking the blue install button.


I found out that the feature is still there in Vice City for iOS. I don't know what happened but after running around randomly rampaging a few days and then returning to the mansion, the three promised gang members were waiting in the room to the right after entering the mansion. Maybe I got some higher criminal rating(?)


Properties were double the price in the original and overall the game was a bit harder.


Restart the app and that might help. If that fails I would restart the device itself. Most likely it's having trouble competing with other apps and can't get the resources it needs.


You most probably have a lot of apps running in the background. Double click the home button to bring the current running apps, hold any of the icons till they shake and hit a red "X" mark and close all apps that you don't want. This should fix the problem.

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