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As written in the Notes on the wiki you linked there is currently a bug with them: There are three variants of this scroll. One variant is from achievement chests and the other two are from the first and second birthday. While they stack with themselves, they cannot stack with each other. This sounds like what you are experiencing.


A-net have given us a way to look at ping and FPS. There is an overlay app known as Overwolf that lets you check your FPS while on the move. The FPS is shown on a corner of your screen. Hope this helps.


There's no exchange fee, but there's a rather huge margin. Take a look at the graph for trading gems on spidy, and adjust the sliders down the bottom to get a feel for how the price has changed over the past. As you can see, if you'd bought during that dip on 19 September 2014, you could've got 100 gems for about 10g68s25c. If you'd then waited for the ...


As far as I know, there is no exchange fee for the gem/gold trade. In my opinion I think this is a great way to make and I have tried this myself. Hope this helps.


The Sigil of Malice recipe is now only obtainable through one method. This method is by buying it off the Trading Post. The vendor that sold this recipe is now not accessible.

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