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Generally speaking, using generic chargers is a bad idea. They're not as reliable as the official ones. With that said, theory says you should be okay using it, though it's not ideal for the DS. The output voltage of an official charger it's 5.2V and the output current 450mA. Your charger is 5V and 1000mA. Lower voltage means the DS will not be charged as ...


Here's a post I found from a quick online search. It's been many years since I've done it, but it looks right from what I remember. There are a couple methods, but I'd focus on the simplest (the first option: Backup utility). I will also repost the steps, but there are images in that link that could be helpful, along with some extended discussion. Your ...


By scanning through Razer's website, and search engines, there is absolutely no information given which shows any evidence towards a program that does such a thing, thus it essentially doesn't exist. With Razer keyboards such as the BlackWidow Chroma, profiling is available, but not for the Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma.

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