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I believe neither are good options. Running Fallout 4 will most likely keep the drive active for the entire duration of your playtime. Neither external flash nor HDD have sufficient heat dissipation to handle that. You will most likely destroy your drive very quickly. Unfortunately you probably won't know this is happening because the external drive are ...


These are your options in order from best to worst: Solid State Drive (SSD) A solid state drive will provide much faster access than a mechanical hard drive. Amazon shows that in August 2015 you can get 250GB external SSD for around $150. According to Game Debate Fallout 4 requires 28GB of hard drive space so you could target an even smaller drive to ...


Realistically, the speed of the drive won't affect gameplay much. The main benefit to a HDD would be capacity and price, as an external SSD will not run nearly at the speed the price would imply when connected via USB 3.0. I gamed for quite a while on a USB 2 external HDD, and I never experienced any major issues, save for slightly extended load times.


If you ruled out an SSD due to price, it's very unlikely that you will get a flash drive with adequate performance. There are fast flash drives, yes. But I never saw a really fast flash drive significantly cheaper than a SSD (per GiB). Also: Flash Drives don't support the TRIM command, so they will get slower over time and there is not much one can do ...


Connection speed isn't directly connected to FPS usually. Most likely, connection speed would cause for lag in player movement, events, and other things that happen online to everyone. An example would be if TNT goes off on a minecraft server, if you have a bad connection, you might not see it for a few seconds or you might get kicked all together. Hardware ...


Why don't you use BOTH. Introducing the Hybrid Drive! * You don't really see much in the press about HHDDs these days, and the only company that does them is Seagate, this is because in the majority of cases, users find SSDs to be cheap enough. However there continues to be a small niche in users who want to have fast random access in their humungous ...


An SSD or flash drive is not significantly faster for gaming than a traditional hard drive because game assets are packed into big files in the right order for sequential access, negating the SSD's major advantage. The answer then is "it doesn't matter", whichever is convenient to you.

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