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RTC is indeed short for "Real Time Clock." What this indicates in terms of flash cartridges is a bit more complex. Some games shipped with an internal clock chip that kept track of the time even when the system was powered off. They used this to measure actual, real world time for certain in-game events. Pokemon games in particular made heavy use of ...


Assuming the 3DS cannot be repaired, there's good news and not-as-good news (and maybe a little bad news) I'll start with --- The good news: Game Cartridges: all your save data is stored on the cartridge, with a new 3DS system you can pick back up wherever you left off in your savegames. The only thing lost may be streetpass data, and certain things like ...


RTC is short for Real Time Clock.


First, you need to check your connections. If the cable has a black box along it, you have a transformer to step the voltage down, before it reaches the console. If not, you only have to worry about the connection to the console. Both should have a sticker or engraving to display the electrical requirements for input and output. Provided the plugs match, ...


RTC - Real Time Clock served to keep track of date and time when the cartridge is without a power supply. In this Pokemon cartridge example you can see the battery that is powering the clock. You probably find that familiar from PC motherboards ;)


Disassemble the device and brush the PCB with a soft toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol (90%+), wash the PCB with alcohol again and let it dry for about 12-24 hours (alcohol damps fast). It might fix your issues. We have a ~66% success rate with this method in our repair shop.


It sounds like your laptop might be trying to run games off of your integrated graphics card (the one attached to the processor) rather than the discrete (dedicated) graphics card. The first thing to check would be the NVIDIA Control Panel Open up "NVIDIA Control Panel" On the left hand side, select "Manage 3D settings" Ensure that "Auto-select" is ...


I went through a similar experience a few months ago, and have two things to say, both to the asker and to anyone else seeing this question: First off, even if it's been a week and your 3DS won't turn on, don't lose hope. I dropped my 3DS in a sink full of water while it was turned on, and although I immediately turned it off, removed the battery/game ...


Does anyone know what exactly, nearly got that game pulled at all? Unfortunately, the actual issue will likely never be known, at least not any time soon. I will detail several technical reasons for this which I believe are objectively compelling enough to base my answer upon. The primary issue preventing the diagnosis of that glitch is a fundamental ...

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