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The authoritative source for Xbox 360 storage-related info is Microsoft: Why does Xbox 360 only support 32GB of storage, even though I have a much larger device? Supporting USB storage devices up to 32GB in size is a huge increase in storage over any solid state memory storage solutions currently available for Xbox 360. (Note that this has ...


I have a 1 TB hard drive I hooked up to my Xbox and it will only use 32 GB on the 1 TB hard drive. As far as I know. you have to get a special NTFS hard drive made by Microsoft to use with your Xbox.


Discs in any optical disk player (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray) spin at a very high RPM. Thus, they have to be carefully balanced to avoid doing damage to the disc or the player. Even putting a label on the disc can sometimes cause some minor balance issues. These balance issues can wear out the disc or the drive prematurely. Your loss of mass is relatively small ...


The Xbox 360 is not a record player. It doesn't touch the disk when it reads it so I can't imagine the disk potentially damaging the Xbox. Whether the disk is likely to work is another matter. You might further damage the disk but you might as well if the alternative is never using it again.

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