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personally id recomend you to look into a program called is freemcboot for a harddrive. for $6 I got a usb to sata cable on ebay and had several sata drives laying around with a little tinkering and research you can br launching games from the drive instead of from your disk cutting load times down to nothing and bypassing your drive ...


RTC - Real Time Clock served to keep track of date and time when the cartridge is without a power supply. In this Pokemon cartridge example you can see the battery that is powering the clock. You probably find that familiar from PC motherboards ;)


RTC is indeed short for "Real Time Clock." What this indicates in terms of flash cartridges is a bit more complex. Some games shipped with an internal clock chip that kept track of the time even when the system was powered off. They used this to measure actual, real world time for certain in-game events. Pokemon games in particular made heavy use of ...


RTC is short for Real Time Clock.

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