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You can take a look at the demo version of Minecraft. Yes, you will need one username for each player. Also, take a look at MinecraftEdu They offer Minecraft to schools for 50% off the retail price.


Probably you are inside the spawn protection radius and that is why you can't break blocks. When there are no ops on the server, spawn protection is disabled, that is why you can break blocks when there are no ops defined. For more details, see Spawn protection and server.properties (search for 'spawn-protection')


The simple answer is Yes, having more people on a server will cause it to use up more resources, foremost RAM and secondly CPU. The longer answer is to explain that each person on the server loads a set of the chunks around them, that is what they are looking at. If all of the people are close together then you will get overlap on these as the players will ...


Minecraft Demo can be used to host LAN, but it won't connect to a LAN server other than itself. So the only way to play Minecraft multiplayer without a paid account is to play the classic mode. It is, however, very old and only includes creative mode and limited maps. For the actual up-to-date Minecraft, you need an account for each user. There seem to be ...


in my experience: one 24 player server will use the following. 1mbit upstream minimum. depending on tickrate uses 1 to 1.5Ghz on one core minimum. And will use a minimum of 500mb ram But I've managed to run 2 servers with 32players each (css and gmod) on a single 2.4 core with 1GB ram and 1.5mbit upload very succesfully.


In permissions plugins, each world is handled separately, as to, for example, make a world where players and freely mine for materials, and another is strictly build only. To keep the exact permissions all that needs to be done is copy and paste all the Overworld permissions into the Nether and End permissions, and to know exactly what it would look like, I ...


The simplest thing to do is install Java again (java.com/getjava‎), then try again. If this does not work, here is how to configure the server to use the same Java as the Minecraft client: Open the Minecraft Launcher Click on 'Edit Profile' Make sure 'Launcher Visibility' is set to 'Keep the lanucher open' Click 'Save Profile' Click 'Play' and wait for ...


The current regular version of Minecraft intends to have one license/account per player, but no license is needed for the server. Therefore, the only expense to make this happen, beyond server hardware, is Minecraft accounts for any player who does not already have one.


Provided you have the tools to install the game server you want (programs from the games sites) and you know what operating system it requires, you can opt for any hosting platform like any other website. Be careful on the banswidth you are allocated and the machine specifications. Depending on the number of player you intend to host games for, it may ...

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