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Start steam in Offline-Mode (should be done automatically if you don't have Internet anyway). Make sure all of your computers are connected via LAN. In console type: map map. Kick the bots with the console command: bot_kick all. Allow people to join via LAN on your server with the command: sv_lan 1 (not sure if it is on 1 or 0 by default). With the command ...


Use spigot and find a plugin that allows you to do land protection. When you don't want the land protection, remove it from your plugins folder. Don't use forge. You will annoy a lot of people.


If the servers in question are for games made by Valve, you can sign up for the hlds_announce mailing list, which can only be posted to by Valve employees. I will note that Valve doesn't post updates for CS:GO to this list, though. Instead you have to subscribe to the general csgo_servers mailing list. I wouldn't be surprised if Steam DB has some sort of ...


Perhaps following the publisher on Twitter? That's about the only way to receive an actual notification. Unfortunately you will get notified about everything else they do too. That's how I do it, though.

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