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Java has a memory limit of it's own, most minecraft start up scripts already increase this but yours might not have increased it enough. You can increase the memory usage with the -Xmx argument, so -Xmx4G would limit minecraft to 4 gigabytes of memory. (Source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1493913/how-to-set-the-maximum-memory-usage-for-jvm )


A currently running process is listening on port 25565 and will not give it up to the new instance of your server. In your situation, it's likely the process that's "clogging" the port is (part of) a previous instance of your server that wasn't shut down properly. In Windows XP, run the command prompt with Win+R>cmd. Then run the command netstat -ano to ...


You posted seven hours ago, so the immediate problem may have been resolved by the reboot suggested in another answer. However, as a more fine-tuned solution, you might find this answer valuable: How to close TCP and UDP ports via windows command line. Rebooting the entire machine will end all processes, freeing all ports used by those processes, and that ...


Pretend we have a sheet of paper with lots of holes. Those holes are ports. Minecraft wants to use Port Number 25565. You allow it. So you stick a pin through that hole. When you shut a server down properly, it tells the hole to disconnect Minecraft's pin from the ports. When you don't, the server is no longer online, but the pin's still connected. (For ...


Stop server program Remove eula.txt Start server program (generates new eula) set eula text to "EULA=TRUE" and SAVE it. DONE!


The simplest way I can think of to do this is having 2 player.dat files which you switch out each time one of you plays. Of course, this would be a bit of a pain to do manually, but writing a script to switch quickly shouldn't be too hard. This would be done in a singleplayer world with the same minecraft account.


If you were trying to connect to your server within your own network, use localhost instead of the public IP address. This would be assuming that you are running the server on the same computer that you are using to play Minecraft. If you are trying to connect to your server from a different computer within the network, just use the internal IP of your ...

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