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Go to options and turn on local multiplayer


Port forwarding is very easy to do, and is documented here. To summarise: Find the IP address of the computer on your local network running the server (something like You can find this in your network settings, or if you're happy using the command line, the command ipconfig will give you the info you need. Logon to your router management web ...


Rather than forwarding ports, using Hamachi is a common solution and it's very easy (and free). All you'll have to do is create a network name and password, and then give that info to your friend. They will use the IP address shown for your computer in Hamachi to connect. Port forwarding is the best way to go, absolutely, so if you're willing to figure out ...


CS:S has everything you need, but TF2 is in the instructions because it has nice maps and I think some of them use the same textures. I would mount TF2 too.


CS:S is pretty much all you need. There are a couple of maps you might run into that require EP2 content, but almost everything is either CS:S or custom textures.


Notice: I haven't tested this on Mac OSX server but it should run. First download and install SteamCMD and then start the programm. Choose the path where the dedicated server should be installed with the force_install_dir /full/path/to/csgo-ds/command. Install the dedicated server with this command: app_update 740 validate Then quit the SteamCMD with ...


I see a number of possible problems that may help your server run with less ram. PlayerViewDistance On many servers, including my own, the ViewDistance parameter in your server properties file may be too high. Decreasing this value will cause less chunks to be loaded for the players, but if you set it too low, ie below 3, then you won't be able to see far ...

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