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Your have to hit the button on the top right and click options. Where you see your mcpe name, tap it and change it to a new name, so you can have a new password. WARNING do this in a world of your own.then go on a server and type /register YourPassword


In the console, type: mp_defuser_allocation "0" This will not give a defuser kit to anyone, allowing you to buy one for its full price ($400).


This is from a incorrect data check coming from java's zip file support (minecraft worlds are compressed) When data is saved in this manner, a small checksum is included to verify the integrity of the data, this error arises when the stored checksum does not match the checksum of the newly-extracted data. This is likely due to a failing hard disk, or the ...


You will need to setup up: Bukkit Server Web Server Database Then either custom make or have someone make you a plugin, or find one as "Jon Story" said. Finally you will need to integrate it all using PHP. While it is possible to do, learning Java, and PHP is much more work than just setting up a team selector in game.

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