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I think the best information we've got is the diplomacy screen: (Screenshot from the Mac version, but I expect iOS is the same.) Here you can see: Population victory (>=51%): there's the population percentage for each civilization in the middle (also on the left of the galactic map) Wonders victory (7 wonders): the bottom-right number is each ...


I checked the Curse Terraria Wiki, and it says, Even if all the requirements are met the Truffle will sometimes not spawn at all on the mobile version. It it probably just a glitch, but good luck getting the Truffle in the future!


I think it is. Or it depends on what your high score is


No, playing games written for a platform (GBA) on a different platform (iOS) requires an emulator, that is the entire purpose of an emulator. Emulating the GBA platform so the game can run. Apple does not allow emulators on their platform and the iOS software (without jailbraking) does not allow installing software that is not Apple approved.


Based on several discussions found on /r/gba4ios, it seems that the bug that allowed non-certified apps to be installed on a non-jailbroken device has been fixed. It now requires a specialized service or a jailbroken device to install non-certified apps (like emulators). However, I did find some information about a paid subscription service, but I cannot ...


Straight from the horse's mouth: it takes about 5 seconds. The developer shared a video of the achievement. The successful proximity wingsuit flight begins just after the second rock, and the achievement popup comes up after about five seconds of proximity flight. (n.b. I still haven't achieved this, but at least now I know roughly how close I'm getting.) ...


It could be another bug. Write a report to moaning. It could also be a problem with his phone

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