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After beating the game you can replay all the missions with different characters, with different abilities,so you may have to play that level later


I took the liberty of contacting the developer - Sega Mobile Games - about this issue. They report that they haven't had any other complaints about the sound issue prior to my report, and consider it an isolated problem. Here is the relevant excerpt from their response: ...I am unfamiliar with the specifics of that potential bug, but am glad to hear ...


One major tip: always engage the zombies at as far a distance from your bunker's entrance as possible - especially the extra-large zombies. Even if you don't kill them in one go, softening them up before they get too close is critical. I consider the entire game to be an exercise in "time management", similar to an airport simulator! I don't know if you ...


Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft actually takes up 1.2GB and you said that you have 990 MB I'm assuming. That might be the problem.

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