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Im uncertain if you can enrol this with the iTunes back-up but i know you can copy the world folder and paste it back afterwards. Step1 : Press the "Recents" button on your device and swipe Minecraft to close it. This will completely close the game and stop it from running in the background. Step 2 : Download a File Manager app on your device, or connect ...


I, personally, have never had this problem. Your problem may be that the account that you are trying to add may have not correctly linked to the game center account. The account that you are trying to link may be lost forever. If you think that this may be your problem, you should try to contact Supercell to see if you can find your account again.


That 13 dollar fee is the price of the app your opponent is challenging you on. Make sure you have the app installed, and if not, search to see how much it is. That is the most probable answer to your problem. If you still need help, search through this forum post, as it should cover any additional questions you may have.


Orbital cloakers have no effect on attacking orbital structures, apart from making it impossible to tell how many there are. They aren't targeted unitil after all the shields and orbital weapons are gone. You can still see if a planet is shielded by the coloured ring around it. Surface cloakers do the same thing- they have no effect aside from hiding ...

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