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Instead of continuing the tutorial, I started an actual new game which helped me figure things out. What had happened in the tutorial was that I built ships with first level weapons - I felt rushed as you run into the enemy very early on. However, it appears that upgrading weapons makes an enormous difference. The enemy must have had a (somewhat? very?) ...


Apparently iFunBox is highly spoken of, but I haven't tried it myself. It lets you access the filesystem on iOS devices without jailbreaking, which means that you can manually copy off your world files and transfer them.


Bill and Margeret is the one who first owned the house. I have quite a bit pieced together: There was a guy named Bill. He went and bought empty land to build a house on (deed of purchase.) Then, once it was finished, he had a party to celebrate. One of his friends brought their sister, Margaret, to the party, and Bill and Margaret fell in love. (House ...


Maragarate and bill are the people who built the house. They could not have children so when they died, there was no one to inherit the house. It was left empty, so the little people you choose can live in the house.


I’m running iOS 7 and for me the screenshots do end up under Photos even when I press Cancel in the share settings. Perhaps you declined, when Ingress first prompted you for access to your photos. Check it from under iOS Settings -> Privacy -> Photos.


It does not seem like it is possible to save directly to your photos, however a workaround would be to send it as a text message or an email then save it from there. While this is still "uploading" you are not posting this on social media as you can email this to yourself.


One is 150+ word and one is you need to play 30 games at a time, it's called "Maxed out"

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