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There are no ways to recover your world, unless it was on cloud save, or the old device is working. If it was on cloud save: Just download back your save. If the old device is working: Switch the save to a cloud save, or move the files of your save through a file management tool like iFunbox or iExplorer etc. If you have a backup of the old device: ...


What is always handy is to contact the help team on CoC, they normally answer within a week at most, and are up for a bit of banter also ;)


(This will make you have to rebuild your house, beat WoF again, all pre hardmode bosses, and whatever bosses you already beat) Get a new world on cloud save, dump your inventory and items in a chest, go on to your I-Pad, make a new world on there, get all the items, transfer it to that world, and beat all the bosses again.


As long as the same account is used, the data will be synced where ever you play. You can try BlueStacks or Droid4X Android emulators to play Dragons - Rise of Berk on PC

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