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You'll have to change how you generate cash as you progress though the game and the available Contracts change. Usually by about the time you are shooting for the moons of Jool and have unlocked 75% of the science tree, you should have more than enough money to build any kind of monster spaceship you want. Farming part test contracts are you best path ...


Your desires are not compatible. The entire point of using the contract system in the first place is to add additional challenge to your game, and to structure your space program. Since you appear to have a very clear idea of what you want to do, and don't appreciate the additional constraints and challenges that come with the contract system, the best ...


Put some satellites in orbit on nearby bodies with a science device and antenna and accept the "send science from orbit around X" missions. You can just switch to the satellite and do the science and transmit.


Yes, you are able to do this. The most important thing to know is that you have to get your ship within ~2.5km in order for the stranded Kerbal to load. Once that's happened, you can switch over to him using [ or ]. After that, it's a simple matter of guiding the Kerbal to your rescue ship and returning to the surface successfully. No right click needed, ...


It sounds like the mid was created for a later version of the game, I suggest you wait a week or two for the modder to update the game files, alternatively Look at read me file in the mod zip and see if a different location is specified.


You can rightclick the savefile under programms(xY) -steam -steamapps -common -ksp -saves and go to something like "redo previos versions" or similar. Then copy the file from the date you know your stuff was fine, delete the file in the saves fil and paste the copied version in there. This of course will only be useful if the version you want was the last ...

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