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I have this same problem. I just spent a few minutes testing the mods I had installed after managing to get all the way into orbit before the bug bit me: (the button pressed at the end deploys robostrut grapplers for structural support) I went ...


Maybe you have to return the sample back to Kerbin? Otherwise, I would check the contract again in the Mission Control building at KSC. The description of the contract there might be more specific than the UI tooltip.


"Heliocentric" means "with the Sun at its center", so you shouldn't be orbiting Kerbin, but the Sun.


Your rocket is uncontrollable due to lack of aerodynamic control surfaces, no gimbaling in first stage, triple symmetry, excessive (non-throttlable) thrust and horrible aerodynamics of payload. TLDR: Put that Goo and KER inside of service bay! Putting unbalanced Goo on side of rocket is a neat trick for gravity turn without any control input. And look! Your ...


When the crash tolerance of a part is calculated during a landing, it's not just a single part that is used. It matters what parts are connected to which, as landing struts (for example) absorb initial shock, but also transfer some of that impact force to other parts. The connection (of landing gear to struts, for example) will determine what part(s) may get ...

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