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It's probably problem with compatibility with Unity 5. Try to read this:


If removing/reinstalling the game ends in the same result, it's likely a bug on that platform. Go to the Squad website and submit a bug report, giving as much detail as possible, including screenshots, and your system information and steps you took to reproduce the problem. You can also try to revert the version on Steam until a patch is released. I've not ...


In 1.0.5 up, the chute symbols in the staging turn different colors depending on speed and the state of the chute. When you are going around 273 m/s, it is about the perfect time to deploy the chutes, and the symbol will look normal. Once deployed, the chute icon will turn yellow, and then once fully deployed will turn green. If you cut the chute, it will ...


A nice way to get some good money fast is to do tourist missions. Yes, you do lose money with decoupling all parts, but if you build a cheep orbiter with the Mk.1 crew cabin, it works nicely.


Does it have to rotate using RCS? Turn it off and rely on torque wheels to rotate, given how small your probe is. Torque wheels can't change your orbit whatsoever. Your RCS port positioning is not suited for rotation, as they're all very close to the center of mass and have no opposite to balance the angular momentum. Grab a pen or a pencil and lay it on ...


No, it's not possible. Only asteroids have a finite amount of ore, as mentioned on the wiki.

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