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In conjunction with Alok's answer, and as you suggested in the OP, "psychological discomfort" can play a part in this as well. Basically, when playing, there can be just one tiny feeling that can set the whole thing off, and this is usually caused by being stationary for too long. Perhaps a feeling in your wrist leaning on the edge of the desk - causing you ...


While I can't find any resource to specifically mention ergonomic placement in the context of gaming, there are definitely keyboard and mouse positions that would increase muscle stress and fatigue over a long period of time (or frenetic activity like gaming). The U.S. OSHA has an article on keyboard placement. A quick search also found another one on ...


If F3 does something else for your machine, FN + F3 should do what F3 usually does.


Just press F3 like you do on any other computer. If you have a keyboard, you should have it.


I know this is not the answer but this is what I did in the same situation: If you play DS3 just go the key bindings menu and check correspondence between controller and keyboard keys. If you play DS1 you can find DS3 default settings at the wiki, DS1 keybindings is the same expect that you can't bind dash and jump to two different keys. I really recommend ...


With this mod you can change the promts:

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