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There's no technical reason this shouldn't work, but it depends on how the games are implemented. It's trivially easy to write a program that accepts input from a game controller even when it doesn't have keyboard focus. However, if a game isn't written to do this there's no easy way to fix it to work the way you want.


"Alt + Shift" keyboard shortcut is your friend. It does "set your entire computer to qwerty". But it's easy and quick enough to swap between "azerty" and "qwerty" that it shouldn't bother you much. But if you have to write ingame ... Then I know no other option than rebinding, and if you can't, you're stuck.


Somewhat inspired by Cameron's answer, there may be another option to actually change the keyboard layout. Note however that this should only work on the Windows tty version of the game. To correct some keyboard localization issues, the OPTIONS=subkeyvalue:x/y allows for one given character to be replaced by another, as stated in the 3.4.3 Guidebook The ...


If you edit the default.nh file in the game's root directory, you can set 'number_pad:1' or 2 to use the numpad for movement. See the guidebook for more details. Doing this also frees up letter keys for other commands, and won't cause confusions later if you map inventory items to consistent letters. Having your movement keys in one place controlling ...

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