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Get a list of hotkeys you want to hide. Go to config.cfg and copy each line that has bind "KEY" ... with your relevant keys. Paste all of these lines into userconfig.cfg, (I don't know if the following part is needed) but modify each one of them, for example, add a semicolon, so the commands look like this: bind "KEY" ";COMMAND". Then remove all those key ...


It could be your keyboard, but it could also be your connection with the game. It's happened to me once or twice the games connection goes low and the it doesn't pick the whatever you just did. Try looking into your internet connection. Also if that isn't it then it might be your keyboard (if it's old) or the game lagging.


just try and restart you computer. Mine has windows 7 and doesn't work most of the time. But restarting it works.


With the latest update, 0.90, fuel transfer is no longer available by default in Career mode. Instead, it must be unlocked by upgrading the Research Facility. http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/0.90.0#KSC_Facility_Upgrade_Effects

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