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Once you're targeted and the turret fires a shot, there is no avoiding the shot. It is locked in, unblockable*, and unavoidable*. Now looking at the second part of your question; yes, you could probably heal enough to avoid a mortal blow. If you were teleporting back and the turret fired a shot as you poofed, you would heal enough by the time it crossed the ...


Scaling by stats Not all skills are increased by ability power, some are increased by other values like Health, Attack Damage, Armor and / or Magic Resist. Here are 2 examples for different scaling: Galio's Runic skin (passive) Galio gains bonus ability power equal to 50% of his total magic resistance Lux's Illumination (passive) Lux's damaging spells ...


The ratio between the AP and the damage dealt (or special effects) is defined on a spell by spell basis. This wiki excerpt explains it better than I could: For example, if a spell deals 100 (+20% AP) damage and a champion has 50 ability power, the spell's damage will increase by 10. In-game, spell descriptions do not display the percentage, but do ...


To be more clear, untargetable only means new effects cannot be placed on you. Anything already on your character (DoTs, Zilean bombs, Fizz fish, etc) will still apply. Works like that for Vladimir as well. If you want a character that actually becomes invincible, try Kayle or Lissandra.


They're similar enough in power that choosing one over the other probably won't affect your damage too much. However, depending on what your goals are in game, you might prefer Stativ Shiv or Phantom Dancer. For example, Statik Shiv would probably be an excellent choice for split pushing whereas Phantom Dancer would be a bit stronger for dueling 1v1.


Liandry's Torment = mask Trinity Force = tf Phantom Dancer = pd trinkets = "red", "blue", "yellow" all work Zeke's Herald = starks Iceborn Gauntlet = Frozen fist Will of the Ancients = Wota Zhonya's Hourglass = zhg Talisman of Acension = "shurelya", "reverie" Lich Bane = LB Sightstone = ss Sunfire Cape = sfc The Black Cleaver = bc Doran's Blade/shield/ring ...

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