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Haidros answer is correct but pick and ban popularity aren't the only reason. There are still 2 (or 3 depending on how you see it) things in the game that show benefits or disadvantages to a certain team. Dragon Dragon is closer to the Blue team but leaves more space to fight when the purple team approaches from their jungle. This is especially important ...


You're right, most of the time the side you are playing on doesn't really influence the strength of any champion. (Debatable with Nautillus maybe if you consider walls) The reason why the casters said that red (purple) side should ban alistar is so that blue side don't get it. In draft mode (bans included), blue side pick the first champion after each side ...


His Q ability is simply an AoE spell that deals damage. Although the cards do occasionally change their color, there is no additional effect to it. It's just cosmetic.


No. The effect of Pick a Card is only applied to the next basic attack.


Aside from the differences in draft order and map layout, there is also the perspective. Blue side players will generally have the enemy towards the top of their screen, where the view is wider, while purple side players will have enemies on the bottom of the screen, where the view is more constrained, both by perspective and by the UI elements. Because of ...


The build you've mentioned isn't really that viable on Azir. Mainly due to the fact that he scales purely with AP and not with AD. While you could still attack with your basic attacks, his full potential lies in his Soldiers which scale only with AP. So you're better off buying Abilitypower, Cooldownreduction and maybe even Attackspeed (Nashors tooth is a ...


When Azir attacks an enemy in a soldier's range, the soldier attacks instead of Azir This scales with attackspeed because the faster Azir attacks, the faster the soldiers attack. The damage of the soldiers scales with AP. So i would build him AP + CDR because all his abilitys scale with AP.


The Damage from trinity force is simply added to your Takedown damage. This basically means that the damage from trinity force is applied at exactly the same time as your takedown (you will see one damage number) but it has the effect as if it was applied after your Q. So you won't gain the lowlife based percentage bonus damage from a trinity force but you ...

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