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They are different ROM versions. The first release of the cartridge did not have such a notification. However, the first releases of the cartridge were particularly prone to losing a save file, or even all of the same files. Nintendo recognized that people may like this battery-powered feature to save games, and didn't want to get a bad reputation of ...


Yes, the original Zelda is available on Nintendo's Virtual Console. I believe the majority of the NES games are 500 Wii points. To obtain any Virtual Console games, open the Wii Shop Channel and choose the Virtual Console icon. You can browse the games by system or genre. Once purchased, the game is downloaded to your Wii and appears in one of the ...


Figured it out. It was actually in the manual. (who would have thought to look there?) ;-) You hit + (start) to bring up your inventory, then ↑ and - (select) at the same time. All on the first controller. Done!


Ignoring glitches/exploits, there is some leeway in the order that dungeons can be completed. With the exception of Dungeon 9 (you must beat the previous 8 dungeons for entrance), you do not have to complete any of the dungeons to complete another one. Some dungeons require you to retrieve items from a different dungeon to either gain access or complete it. (...


The only way that wall would not blow up is if you are playing the second quest. If you are playing with the name ZELDA or have beat the game once, you are playing the second quest. In the Second Quest, all dungeons are rearranged and often found in different locations. Because everything is rearranged in the second quest, guides for the first quest ...


BS stands for Broadcast Satellite (not "Broadcast Satellaview", which is a common mistake). The Satellaview was an interesting piece of kit - a satellite modem for the Super Famicom, released only in Japan. BS Zelda no Densetsu (BS ゼルダの伝説) was a rewritten version of the original Legend of Zelda, downloadable from the satellite in four installments. ...


Commonly with virtual console games, you can hit the center button (Wii menu?), and exit the game. This will automatically save the state of the game. Next time the game loads you'll begin at that spot; however, after reloading once the save state is no longer available -- resetting the system won't allow you to resume from that state again.


As you're referring to your bow, you've probably just left the first dungeon, meaning you don't have any arrows. Without arrows, the bow is unequippable. Buy \ Find some arrows and you should be able to equip the bow to your B menu, alternatively, find another item you can equip (bombs, boomerang, etc).


Yes, this is normal. The woman will sell you stuff later once you have the proper item. You need a letter of some kind (looks similar to a map item you find in dungeons). Once you show her the letter, she will sell you potions that can restore your health. The potions are quite helpful in later dungeons, which are quite long and difficult. By the time you ...


It is highly likely that the game's initial design had some fancy thing in mind, like dumping the user into a different room than the main entrance. However, that was infeasible due to limitations in the code used for the game's map format. Also, each room had only one destination, even if there were multiple "entrances". By "entrance", I refer to the ...


Since the NES lacks the Mic that the Famicom has, the Pols Voices were given a weakness to Arrows to compensate. So basically, use arrows, that should kill them, and tadah, no more creepy rabbits.


The Famicom (Japanese NES) has two hard-wired controllers, so it was not uncommon to find single player games that used both of these. The second controller had a mic, and lacked the "start" and "select" buttons. In fact, the Japanese version of The Legend of Zelda already used the second controller in another way. Pols Voices were weak against noise - ...


It is actually completely normal for nothing to happen in many rooms in Zelda I, as it is a game predominately based on exploration. Check what the woman has to say, if it is nothing of interest, explore more areas on the map for the right direction to go towards completing the main quest.


According to Wikipedia: The Virtual Console release of The Legend of Zelda (NES) uses the updated version featured in 2003's The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition compilation for the GameCube. While the gameplay is identical to the 1986 original, this release includes the save screen from the Famicom Disk System version, as well as an updated ...


The potion shop near this dungeon is on the other side of the rock wall, so from the dungeon, head down one screen, right one screen, down one screen, left two, and up once, taking the far right path. Use the blue candle to burn the third bush from the top to reveal a staircase to the potion shop.


You have experienced the Second Quest. The Second Quest is unlocked after beating the game. Dungeons, some shops, and Heart Containers are found at different locations on the map, along with the difficulty level being higher. The Second Quest was created because the developers had only used half of the allotted space for the map, and decided to use the ...


This is how I understand it: Ganon gets the triforce (somehow) and wishes for power. He gets only the Triforce of Power The Triforce of Wisdom and Courage are now seperated and go to a suitable canidate. Courage goes to a person capable of great courage, wisdom to the person who is the wisest The Triforce yearns to be complete and have its pieces together. ...


From what I remember reading, the early designs for battery-backed up game cartridges for the NES were pretty weird. Later NES games didn't require the player to use the second controller or hold Reset to save a game. The thing to remember about many NES games, they often had their own special processors or other special hardware in the cartridges to extend ...


The heart container location for the second quest for the location on the top line of the map is actually two screens to the left from where it is listed.

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