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Try re-downloading Minecraft and see if that works. Update your version of Linux and the graphics driver. Then restart and re-download.


Your computer may be too slow to run so many mods. Try un-installing your mods one by one and check which causes the problem. It might just be an out-dated mod. But still, if your computer is not the best it's probably that.


Due to the lack of detail, it's hard to say what exactly could be causing your problem. Minecraft should work just fine on Linux, assuming you are using the Linux launcher. You'll also need to download Oracle's JVM to get everything working properly. Assuming you've already done all of that, the game should work, but only if your computer can handle it. ...


To go before @DrKNa's answer, This looks as though your linux box is not recognizing the drive. Depending on the OS (SteamOS is an offshoot of Ubuntu which is derived from Debian which is what I am most familiar with.), you could run lsusb when the drive is plugged in, if you get a response that has the manufacturer of the drive then the kernel has ...


/media should have a selectable subfolder when the drive is plugged in, /media istelf is a part of the parent filesystem.


As I know that, you can go to Settings -> Downloads then click on Steam Library Folders Then you can add folders wherever you want.

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