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I searched a bit and it seems to be because of your graphic driver. Try starting the game with Steam overlay deactivated. If the deactivation doesn't help please go to your graphics card Catalzst Control Center and set Anti-Aliasing settings to Filter:Box. This fixed the Problem for some people. Make sure you have the latest version of your graphics ...


Update After i played around and Finn Rayment did not get it to work, i just started a thread in the Steamcommunity about this and got the following answer from a developer You can't import external models yet. We'll hopefully add it at some point in the future though. So my first answer is just for Universe Sanbox 1. First answer I can't give you ...


I had the same Problem, just search driver in the menu and switch to the recommended display driver


Most likely it's not the client, but the area he is building in. If something about his structure causes high server load (such as a large, complicated redstone circuit), it will only lag the server when that chunk is loaded. If he's building somewhere far away from spawn, his chunk will only be loaded when he is online, because no one else can find it. ...


try using this command to launch the server java -Xmx1G -Xms200M -jar minecraft_server.1.8.3.jar nogui I had the same problem and I wasn't giving the server enough memory to run with any amount of players on it. You need to give your server at least 1GB per player, your only giving it .5GB (5000MB).


Looks like his client may be misbehaving. Try having him create a new profile in the launcher and connect with that. From the logs, it looks like he's causing an error and slowing down the server by his client skipping ticks. Spigot worked because of how Spigot treats clients that do this.


I'd expect so, but the best way to check would be to try it. cp ./.steam/game_data/ ./2tb/blah mv ./.steam/game_data/ ./.steam/old_game_data ln -s ./2tb/blah/ ./.steam/game_data And fire up steam, see what it thinks. If it fails, remove the symlink and move the game_data back.

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