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There are 2 things that I tried and worked: Delete OptiFine. Please use restricted driver like nvidia-331 for nVidia graphics. You can also install sgfxi (Google for results) and execute it. sgfxi is a small script that automatically removes open graphics and replace it with restricted drivers which supports hardware acceleration.


You can just create a folder named "mods" and put your .litemod file into it! It is super simple. Also one thing to note, WorldEditWrapper is 1.7 only, but you probably know that ;D


Steam actually has a built in setting for you to check the FPS of any game. Go into setting and select the In-Game options and change the In-Game FPS counter to whatever position you want. This will then show some small text in one of the corners with the current FPS of the game.


Sometimes you have to set permissions manually first via terminal - i don't know if the checkbox is enough. Execute the following command in the terminal: chmod a+x path/to/minecraft/minecraft.jar To start the game via console, execute: java -jar path/to/minecraft/minecraft.jar If that doesn't work, your JRE installation is invalid.

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