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If you don't want to install Windows version of Steam and just want to download the Windows binaries for a game you can use SteamCMD which does have a Linux version and an option for force downloading binaries for any given platform. You just need to know the SteamID of the game you want to download. You can find the ID from ./ ...


I just figured out my issue. For whatever reason, it was really slow because I didn't install something called dnsmasq. I'm running Xubuntu, so it would work after a restart because a version of it was already installed that was dnsmasq-base. I don't completely understand what this even did, but it made my download speeds go from 150kb/s to my normal speeds. ...


Might be a silly suggestion but have you tried going into Settings and checking whether there's a bandwidth download limit set on your account? It's found under the Downloads tab. Once clicked, there should be a little dropdown menu.

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