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Normally mods are playable, even if the installer is for Windows. If that's the case you can use wine to install it. For that you'll need to install wine and use the exe with it, or you install the mod under Windows. sudo apt-get install wine wine [drag and drop the installer exe here] It's probably just a simple unzipper, so you should be able to target ...


Well because the windows spec list is outdated, since tf2 is very poorly optimized, it would be a problem with linux machine's (lower specs).


I am using Linux Ubuntu 14.04 and I use the key left of number one, under Esc: the little wave thing ~ Is your keyboard in German? I'm asking because for me, it wasn't working at first since my keyboard is in French but it did after I changed the language to English.


inside your game folder (where the executable is) should be an Accounts folder. copy this and you should be fine.

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